Pets, leveling and the overall point of these (conflicting)

This was taken from a comment I put out there in a battlepass topic that I think actually deserves it’s on thread. The issue is the function of pets which were said to be early to mid game followers and how it conflicts with the leveling philosophies of the game (level quick so you can get into action faster)

" I guess I am getting confused now at how the game is intended because it’s getting mixed messaging. On one hand, they want to remain level 60 top because they don’t want folks taking so long leveling and such and get immediately with the other vets on the server but then they promote some of their content (a large chunk if you look at all the pet types and variations therein) as some of that early to mid game stuff…so for those 1-2 days on a PVP server?..and it takes 5 hours to incubate? This doesn’t make sense. Either you just level quick and get into the nitty gritty of the server which would mean you gotta make pets mean something if you want their use or you prolong the leveling experience to make pets early game items that have use for the time and then they can be retired afterwards as decor defenders. Which is it?"

I would like to think pets have a purpose but if the expectation is to have them early game and players move past them to thralls when they reach end game, I don’t see how there is purpose if you also design getting to end game within 1-3 days.

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Refer to my post in the testlive thread on this…
But basically… I’d like to see an early to mid-level new player go up North and catch a Sabretooth cub :slight_smile: then report back on how it went…


Don’t even get me started on how jumbled and disjointed progression is in Conan Exiles. I’ve been researching it for about 3 years and trying to test addressing it for the last year.

So far I’ve been able to mitigate its effects somewhat (with modding). But I cannot (on my own) solve the issues that I’ve been able to uncover. I have however been able to devise some ideas that could replace it. But its sort of pointless until 1. Funcom acknowledges there is a problem (they kind of have), and 2. Are willing to do a full revamp of the progression system (they’ve been utterly silent in this regard).

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