Level 0 thralls and pets

Has anyone noticed the level 0 line on your thralls and pets?
Are we going to have levelled up thralls and pets? are they going to get XP somehow? will their stats/health improve?

This kind of stuff excites me but I’m not holding my breath about it either.

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Personally I believe that level zero is what they in effect are. Thralls go from 1-4, Stupid animals are a zero?

I checked my tier 1 thru 4 thralls, they also have the level 0 indicator just like the pets. I had a similar thought as you, I assumed thralls were tier 1 to 4 and pets were zero.

Conan Exiles team must of borrowed someone from The Secret World team for a few days and they created a mystery.


It’s probably something that might (might!) happen at some point, so since they’re currently retooling the thralls and pets, they put in the level indicator as a proviso. Then they forgot to hide it from the UI. Totally guessing of course, I don’t believe anyone has ever mentioned pets or thralls leveling up in an official capacity. Though there was that comment (don’t remember where, from who or when, so… yeah) about the feeding system being step one in everyone having fewer thralls, which would in turn allow Thralls to be “better” overall.

Could also just be an unfinished move towards indicating the “true level” of thralls, since the 1-4 is not really indicative of their actual power level.

Heh, except all followers whether human or animal have the IQ of a particularly stupid rock.

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