Opinions on Pet System

So I’ll just put it out there & just because we have discussed it thoroughly, I will also add-in the comments of my fellow Private Server Players within this Thread. More than anything, we want to hear & be heard on our thoughts regarding the new Pet System that just released a Week ago within Conan Exiles. Enjoy the read & hope to hear your thoughts & comments after you’ve tried it out for a bit as well.

First of all, quite a lot of our Server’s Players were excited for the new Pet System. Personally, I was not, because I watch YouTube Videos a lot when Updates are coming out on Games that I play … Thanks FireSpark81.
People were running all over grabbing up Pets left & right for a couple of days & then were asking me, “Why aren’t you getting involved in this too?” I stated what the issues were before release. Some of those issues were fixed & the Server Players verified that. However, Thralls can be Armored & Weaponized … Pets cannot … so HUGE difference right there alone. Even if Pets are later allowed Armor later, how would their Damage be upgraded? Teeth Caps? Teeth Filing? … not much that can be done there & still fit into the World of Conan.
Now if you just want to Roleplay, I can see the Pet System being something for you … But, the first time you fight someone with Thralls, you are screwed. Yes, Pets can have a huge amount of HP, but look up what the Thralls can have. Plus, getting ‘cheesed’ by Archers will consistently ruin Pets.

The Pet System is horrible. Rocknoses are the only ones worth getting & that’s IF you can get the incredibly rare ones & even then, that’s only if you’re Offline majority of the time & still you’d have to have no desire to go out & loot these things yourself. because what a large amount of Rocknoses can drop, you can easily gather these things within 2m - 15m, depending on your travel time. And in that time, you’d gather 2x - 25x over what a Rocknose can give you anyways. All of the other Creatures, are just worthless entirely considering their Damage, “Armor”, & “Weapons” are just stuck at one point & Thralls can easily out-do all of these things.

Yes, there are “Bugs” going on right now with the Pet System. So I won’t address those here, because they are already Posted in the correct location.

You all can have fun with this (mostly RP’ers, as I see it), but I’m out on it because it is too worthless.

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