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As I said in the previous thread, these days I’ve had lots of time to reflect on the things in the game that, in my opinion, don’t work as they should. I’ve read tons of other threads and posts of people and noticed that almost everybody agrees that some systems need to be improved.

One of these is the Pet System. Differently from Thralls, I don’t have so much experience with pets. I seldomly used them and, in general, I don’t like them too much. BUT, I took some time and I finally managed to build a system that, based on the previous one I made for Thralls, should be good and balanced.

Once again, I have little experience with Pets, so this system is probably to be reviewed and improved, but it’s a start.

Differently from Thralls, Pets don’t have Ranged/Melee MULTIPLIERS, cause they won’t make sense for them. Thralls use those multipliers with weapons that have different values, but Pets don’t have weapons so I think it’s better to just give them a Damage Value.

That said, let’s come to the system. Do notice that I’ve only included pets from the Exiled Lands, but I think it could be applied to those from Siptah as well.

First let's define a Table with Tiered Pet Families and Races:
Apes Gorilla Yeti
Bears Bear
Birds Shoebill Ostrich
Boars Boar
Canine Hyena Wolf
Equine Gazelle Elk Horse / Camel
Feline House Cat Jaguar / Panther Tiger / Lion Sabretooth
Insect Scorpion Spider Sand Reaper
Pachyderm Rhino Elephant
Reptile Shaleback / Turtle Crocodile / Salamander Komodo
Special Skeleton Rock Nose Frost Giant

Yeah, I know Gazelles and Elks not being properly equine, I just put those in that category because the bonus seems to fit. Same for Hyenas as they should be Felines, but I put them into Canine because of their move-set (closer to wolves then other felines).

Now let's define how ATTRIBUTES work for every Pet:
  • Health Bonus per VIT: +2.5% (of Base Health)
  • Damage Bonus per STR/AGI: +1%
  • Armor Bonus per GRT: +15

Yes, the same as for Thralls. They are balanced by greater base values tho.

Now let's define the BASE STATS for every Pet:

They are based only on Pet Tiers:

Base Health: 800 (T1) - 1200 (T2) - 1600 (T3) - 2000 (T4)
Base Melee Dmg: 40 (T1) - 80 (T2) - 140 (T3) - 200 (T4)
Base Ranged Dmg: 10 (T1) - 20 (T2) - 35 (T3) - 50 (T4)
Stamina (for Rideables): 200 (T1) - 250 (T2) - 300 (T3) - 400 (T4)
Total Growth Chances: 350% (T1) - 320% (T2) - 290% (T3) - 260% (T4)

T1 level-up fast.
T2-T3 level-up normal.
T4 level-up slow.

Greater Versions have Base Attributes x1.25
Corrupted Versions have Damage x1.5

Corrupted can be like Undead Hyena, but I’d make it available for all pets: Corrupted Wolves, Monstrous Sabretooths … they could have a percentage to be “crafted” by feeding Demon Blood to cubs.

Base Damage is this high because, differently from Thralls, they don’t do combos. And I’m still bit unsure on the Base Ranged Dmg as I wouldn’t want them to become stronger than Archer Thralls.

Now let's define a SPECIAL ABILITY for every Pet Family:

Do note that these abilities do not sum to BASE STATS, but replace them.

- Apes: gain +4% Health per VIT
- Bears: gain +1.5% Melee Damage per STR
- Birds: Produce Eggs and Fealthers in Inventory, +1% Melee Damage from BOTH STR and AGI
- Boar: gain +4% Health per VIT
- Canine: gain +1.5% Melee Damage per STR
- Equine: gain +4% Health per VIT
- Feline: +1% Melee Damage from BOTH STR and AGI
- Insect: Poison
- Pachyderm: +4% Health per VIT
- Reptile: +1.5% Melee Damage per STR
- Special: +30 Armor per GRT

Finally, let's define STARTING ATTRIBUTES for each Pet Family:

- Apes: +15 STR, +15 VIT, +10 GRT
- Bears: +20 STR, +10 VIT, +10 GRT
- Birds: +30 AGI, +10 VIT
- Boar: +10 STR, +15 VIT, +15 GRT
- Canine: +25 STR, +10 VIT, +5 GRT
- Equine: +10 STR, +10 AGI, +10 VIT, +10 GRT
- Feline: +20 STR, +10 AGI, +10 GRT
- Insect: +10 STR, +5 VIT, +25 GRT
- Pachyderm: +10 STR, +20 VIT, +10 GRT
- Reptile: +20 STR, +5 VIT, +15 GRT
- Special: +10 STR, +30 GRT

Thralls (T4 Thralls, at least) start with 40 Attributes (20 from Faction, 20 from Type). Pets start with 40, all from Family.

Also, let's define some SPECIAL PETS which have modified Base Stats:

- Salamander: Applies Poison
- Rock Nose: +450 Armor
- Frost Giant: Applies Frostbite, +150 Armor, +30 Base Melee Damage
- Skeletons: Poison/Bleed/Gas Immunity
- Felines: -25% Base Health, +25% Base Melee Damage
- Pachyderms: -15% Base Melee Damage, +15% Base Health
- Direwolf: +50 Base Damage (on par with a Greater T4)
- Rhino: Rideable, +10 Inventory Size
- Horse: Rideable, +200 Stamina, +5 Stamina per STR, +5 Stamina per AGI
- Camel: Rideable, +10 Inventory Size, +5 Stamina per STR, +5 Stamina per AGI
- Shaleback: +300 Armor, +400 Base Health

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AND as in my previous message: Very good work for the analyzes and the suggestions.

@NightmareTigressa what do you think about this ?
If I remember correctly, you were complaining about Pets been nerfed too much last time.

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