Testlive Update Age of Sorcery Chapter 2 - Discussion Megathread

I agree, I am trying not to be too harsh… but when it comes to certain changes I’m getting the impression that the lead designer isn’t aware of their own game - OR is playing on such future internal builds that it puts the live version completely out of context. Now I’d like to think that’s not the case obviously, I’m exaggerating here… but still…

To me this looks simply like taking instructions blindly from the PvP crowd and I’m not blaming them btw, I’m blaming Funcom for not weighing the changes properly. The testlive patch-notes contains at least 3-4 things where it’s almost like Funcom took instructions completely blindly from a few PvP players. Nerf skelos armor? - Done!, Nerf Katana? - Done!, Nerf pets? - Done :smiley: and so on…

So… regarding the subject of pets, they seemed to have completely forgotten that pets have been underutilized for the most part and the general idea was that they’re just not good.
The very few that had “any” use WERE actually those big cats that will receive the biggest nerf now.

Here’s an example, I made some video series a while back comparing player damage to various thralls - spawning 2 crocodile bosses and killing one with the player, letting the thrall take the other one. I always killed mine before the thrall (which was the purpose, to point out that players aren’t weak compared to them in 3.0) and then went over to watch how the thrall fares.

This is a comparison snapshot of a level 20 Greater Sabretooth with their best healing food (blood sausage) and a RHTS thrall just before they killed their target:

As for time, it took them roughly the same time so Sabretooth DPS wasn’t as crazy as Dennis presented it on the devstream.
The difference however is quite obvious from their remaining HP, since pets already got a passive nerf in 3.0 just from changing the armor constant, altering the protection curve (pets lost roughly ~20% damage reduction). The thrall barely got a dent in their health while the Sabretooth was close to dying (I did the same with a white tiger and in that case I had to step in as it would’ve died)

Now imagine that fight with 40% less damage on the Sabretooth. But it’s cool, cuz then people won’t use them in PvP, right? Might as well downgrade them to household pets and give them the same AI that they plan for those shaved cats :slight_smile:

On the point though that they’re not supposed to be as strong as a thrall… sure… fair enough, they’re definitely not… not even close. However… they DO take up a full thrall slot… and like @ParpelJeis pointed out they’re actually much harder to obtain than most thralls… like… it’s not even comparable…

I urge @den to go and grab some Sabretooth cubs :slight_smile: they’re usually guarded by Greater ones… sometimes even a corrupted something nearby… and it’s in one of the most dangerous areas of the EL map. What are we comparing that to?.. walking up to a permanent spawn Cimmerian Berserker that’s idling solo in the middle of an empty lake and clubbing them on the head stun-locking them to where they can’t even move and getting the result 100% of the time?
That doesn’t quite fit the narrative of “easy to obtain mid-game followers”

It’s whatever though, I’m not necessarily complaining… I’m just pointing out the confusion I’m facing with this as it seems like there’s some decisions being made that completely lack logic or reason.