Followers no longer gaining xp fixed


I finally got myself a decent fighter thrall (spy fighter) and am trying to max his level. But at a few thousand short of reaching level 16, he no longer gains xp.

I then tried my others, and they’re the same. No progress at all. REALLY frustrating.

Can anyone help please? I’m on ps4, so no mods.

Thanks in advance.

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Are you playing on a private server or your offline game .? I have been playing on official and private with no problems.
Admittedly I have not run a thrall to level 16 have brought some higher up. I tend to rotate. @Community . Any suggestions

On single player private. Put so much time into this single player world, and really don’t want this to be a deal breaker for it. Thanks for the help man.

Did you adjust the xp modifiers?

In addition, I have a suggestion which may sound silly but please try it. Remove your bracelet to kill your character and then put the follower on follow again and try killing anything to see if the thrall will get xp.

Hey. No, not really changed anything. Only time I used the admin panel was to help get a better angle for building my massive map room.

This may be a total noob question, but taking my bracelet off will just allow me to respawn? It won’t end my game/run? Lol

No, removing the bracelet is the same as jumping from a cliff and dying.

Awesome. Thanks guys. Gonna try this out now. Fingers crossed!

No dice. Removed my bracelet, went back and got him to follow me. Took him to get a kill, and still no change.

I’ve logged off and back on again several times, and that’s pretty much all I can think of doing to try fix this.

Any other suggestions would be great. Thanks for the suggestions so far though. Was worth a try.

Could you post a screenshot of this fighter and its default name? If you delete its name and confirm, it should show the default one.

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Yeah, I’ll give it a go. Will have to be tomorrow night after work though.
Hopefully it has something to do with this follower in particular. As nobody else leveling up either. If it doesn’t fix before my next purge, I may be screwed with all my level one nobodies :smile:

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Hey @Mistborn, welcome to the forums.

The singleplayer client has its own set of issues that can be extremely hard to reproduce/debug and do not show up during online play since both clients work differently. More often than not, said issues involve either the server settings or the user settings, and at times they even disappear on their own.

As you’re on the PS4, I’d suggest that you first backup your current save, either to the cloud or to an external storage device.

After doing so, try loading into your session, resetting the server settings to default, then exiting to the main menu and rejoining. It might be worth trying this a few times.

If the above doesn’t help, try to delete the User Settings for Conan Exiles through the console’s Application save data management menu. Make sure you only delete the “User Settings” and not any other data, otherwise your database will be removed and you’ll lose all your progress.

Should the issue persist, we’d really appreciate it if you could create a post in the PS4 Bug section providing as many details as possible regarding how you first took notice of this and the workarounds you’ve tried, as well as a video showing the thrall’s XP before combat, killing a few NPCs, then showing the XP after combat.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Hugo. Just trying this now.

Just as a side note, I’ve just realised that for my follower to reach level 16, he requires 576533 xp but currently has 597200 - yet no level 16, and the bar isn’t full. Can’t believe I’ve only just noticed this.
Not sure why its effecting all my thralls though.
I’ll report back once I’ve given it a go.

Hugo, you absolute beauty!.. I reset the server settings and logged out and back in a few times, and his xp has now gone up!

Still not sure how this happened, as I haven’t messed with the settings, as I am wanting to play the game without assistance/cheating.

Either way, this has fixed the issue. Thank you all for your help! :grin:


The screen shows that he requires 597200 XP to level up , and he has 576533 xp , so not yet enough to have leveled up to 16. but this doesn’t explain why it doesn’t gain xp , nor the other thralls … Glad Hugo could help you solve your issue :wink:

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Yeah, I think I was just getting confused by thinking about it too hard.
I have been know to be a complete moron at times, so I double checked it, with my other followers too, and they definitely weren’t gaining xp.

Had to check, as I can be a f*ckwit lol :laughing:

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