Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers Damage

OK, I had mentioned this on a thread pertaining to the HP bug with these thralls but was asked to createa new thread. I can’t seem to find anywhere else that this is mentioned except by one other person on another thread about the HP.

After the HP bug was fixed the Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers now hit like wet noodles. I am currently running Sep for armorers and before the DLC caused problems my thrall would kill even tier III’s in 2 - 3 hits. Now it is taking upwards of a dozen to sixteen hits. The thrall has a flawless star metal great sword. I can kill things quicker with my stats in a resource gathering build.

I did an experiment on single player where I summoned in a Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers and geared it like the one I have on official server. It kills things normally as it had before the DLC. Not sure if it because it is single player or because it is a fresh spawn.

I’m on PVP official 1773. I’m not running any mods. My relic hunter slave taker III’s kill things faster than the Treasure Seeker, so I don’t see how it could be ALL thrall’s damage is nerfed. It is just effecting the Treasure Seeker.


Hey @setemhat

We’ll relay this info to our team to see if it is intended or if it’s a bug.
Thanks for the feedback.

My old Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker, who I’ve had since the early days they were first introduced (and who luckily survived the metamorphosis into a Performer and back again), seems to fight very well in my Single-Player game. I didn’t conduct any extensive scientific experiments, but based on a single Wine Cellar run, she seems to be on par in fighting skill with the legacy Captain, easily beating the stuffing out of the minibosses (who are skeletons… wait, they don’t have any stuffing in them). So this would suggest that it’s not dependent on whether the Treasure Seeker came into exist before or after the update.

And since this doesn’t seem to affect all thralls on officials, based on your experiment with a Slave Taker, we have a mystery in our hands.

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my treasure seeker seems more aggressive than my volcano thralls atm.

Not sure about damage but it did clear warmaker with less than 30 healing arrows…

I’m on ps4 and I have an entire base sitting wide open cause all my relics now have 100 hp. Been over a week since the update and still no fix. Can’t access the gear they have on . Funcom need to bring out a weekly/daily patches if needed cause their updates only seem to make things worse

They need to stop deploying broken patches… the last 2 big patches needed hotfixes as soon as when they were released…

And then they wait to fix more things, while the game is in a broken state… that mindset is just…

Why not delay the patches itself, until they are fixed…
No, just throw them out because of the DLC and the money…

Seeing how BAD this 2 big patches were, you probably can forget the game when mounts will come… will be exploit and bug festival… during holidays, so patches/hotfixes needs even longer.

So which Funcom Fanbois and girls cannot handle the truth? Or do you play another game? Did your game not receive hotfixes? Why are so many audio-voices from NPCs missing? Why have so many items wrong values…

But I guess, for the Funcom Fanbois, thats all ok… Because, well, its addressed…

Did a short test run with another Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker, and he, too, seemed to do damage as well as before.

I haven’t tested with a newly-recruited Treasure Seeker yet, but the old ones seem to be working just fine in my Single-Player game.

They work fine on single player. It is on official server they aren’t working.

Right, that’s what I suspected, and that’s why I wanted to check whether it was working consistently that way, or whether there were anomalies that might be helpful to report to the bug catchers.

And the mystery widens. With the advice from Firespark87 on Youtube I captured and broke a new Relic Hunter. Their damage is normal but the ones I created BEFORE this mess still hit like wet noodles. I guess I will just have to replace them all with new ones.

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