PVP Thralls and Who to Kidnap

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I’ve been playing Conan for a while, and I keep hearing different reports about which thralls are good and which are bad. To add to that, a lot of the posts out there are several year (and several patches) old.

So I want to hear your thoughts. What thralls should I focus on getting when playing on a PVP server?


Tempersmiths are great because you can craft legendary weapon and armor repair kits with them at a Tinkerer’s Bench.

If it’s fighters that you’re looking for. The best one I’ve gotten was Lian. He was better than Teimos, the Cimmerian Berserker and Kethis.

I have no Siptah advice :slight_smile:


I have Siptah, but haven’t played any on it because even after all this time, I’m still mastering the exiled lands. What about Delincia? A lot of posts recommend her

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I could never find the Snowhunter so I can’t compare her, but the four that I mentioned in my last post were all used within the last couple months. Teimos was 2nd behind Lian. That’s just my experience though. Lian may have just gotten really lucky with RNG on level ups, but I tamed and leveled 3 Teimos and Lian was stronger than all of them.

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If PVP, Players can make good thralls. But you need to have a decent way of extortion or pressure to make them actually do work. Not a bad way to get a few dozen stacks of stone, wood, or iron. Even better if you can exact a weekly tribute.


In Siptah accursed Berserkers are very easy spawn and very reliable thralls. The ones that will gain archer perks make them archers, the ones that will take survival perks make them guards and the ones that will take vitality or strength bonus make them personal guard.
On exile lands focus on Teimos, he level up faster and becomes a key thrall for every position.
About Dalinsia, Spinas, Odvid, Lesteret, etc… these rare thralls are good indeed, very good actually, but…
They are rare, you cannot protect a base with three or four thralls, you need a small army the soonest possible and very smart building. Make all your roof inaccessible from everyone, even you if necessary , the easiest way for someone to enter in your base is your roof, so make sure that climbing is impossible on your roof.
Good luck exile :+1:t6:


Doesn’t Teimos have a good Archery multiplier too? Like, absurdly good despite his class of “fighter”?

Edit: Lianeele also has a ridiculous archery multiplier of 2.1 according to the wiki, same as teimos. Who assigns the stats?!


I love Tiemos for a defender. Give him a bow, a lemurian ax and armor him in GB helm and the rest is vitality armor…the dude is ugly…especially when you can level like 3 of him/ one beserker.


You’re better off using a Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker Archer, they’ll do far more damage.

Tiemos is very much overrated due to some out of date videos.

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Te8mos is because of the speed of leveling to amass an army of them. But if you are 0vethen that doesn’t matter as much. Relic hunters also because you can fill 3 greater wheels go to sleep and have 24 meat shields ready to go. Most replaceable thrall, with leveling an option tbh.

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I’ve used Teimos for a while and I gotta say that I still like him. Mostly for his relatively high HP count, his speed of leveling, and ease of acquisition. That said, I’m quite tired of his voice lines. I think I’ll try to mix things up a bit with some suggestions from this thread

get a berseker…proxy balls will make you laugh every time.

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As an aside, if you’re looking for T4 archers to populate your walls, Dina, Master Huntress spawns in, like, 4 locations 100% of the time in the northern highlands right by the aqueduct. Archery multiplier of 2x and she’s pretty imo

I really tried to like relic hunters. Every single time, they leveled like junk. I know it’s RNG but every time?..maybe I should try again.

That’s the thing, even when they come out junk, they’re still better than just about anything else, even if it rolls good.

yeah…that almost 6k hp at level 0 is nice.

I recently had the same experience with Lian, he received some great RNG, and hits like a wounded grizzly.
The berserkers I try to level up all get some kind of awkward perk, so I gave up on them, and my Tiemos are all pretty effective, but have less DPS than Liam.
Liam’s drawback is his relatively low HP, so if you get lucky with some HP perks, he is awesome.
All of my relic hunters are pretty middle of the road utility fighters and archers, but make great base defense.


The best fighter thrall is Dalinsia Snowhunter. You can find her in the Mounds but have to keep looking.There is no other better thrall.

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Beast Master Teimos in the best vit gear you can make, also levelled for vit using steak. Most will come out around 12-14k sometimes lucky and get huge vit perks. Best i’ve seen since the nerf was 18k. Has a 2.08 Melee damage multiplier the lowest on the list and starts with 1 strength and 3 vit. Purely used as a tank for your base because they gain incredible amounts of vitality per level of vitality gained.

They don’t do much damage pve wise but they’ll be insanely tank for base defence to slow down raiders.

Cimmerian Berserker: Highest Melee damage multiplier of all thralls sitting at 2.24 Great for PvE slaying bosses. Starts with lower HP. 4.5k or something throw on epic heavy set for strength and gruel and it won’t even matter. No boss in the game will kill it anyway. Starts with 15 strength and 30 vit

Dalinsia Snowhunter: Starts with 5.4k HP. 2.21 melee damage multiplier slightly lower than the berserker. more difficult to find since it’s not a perm spawn but a solid find if you can come across it.
Starts with 15 strength and 30 vit same as berserker

Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker: Starts with 5.4k HP, 2.21 melee damage multiplier same as Dalinsia. Perm spawn found in unnamed city. It’s a decent thrall starts with 0 strength though so for pure damage Dalinsia/Berserker have it beaten because they start with 15.

Imho Teimos is your best thrall to spam your base with as defence and grabbing a few Dalinsias/Berserkers for boss killing.

Edit: Beast master Teimos also levels up the fastest out of all the thralls I listed. You can level 2-3 of him to 20 before hitting a Dalinsia/Berserker/Relic Hunter to max level. So it’s a great thrall to spam tame and level to purely sit in your base as defence.


Dalinsia hands down and she is not really rare, you just have to look at 3 spots where she usually spawns