I just wanted to make a little debate so that everyone agrees on this. I wanted to listen your notice first. and then I would say what I think with proof later . thank you for participating in this discussion LETS CHAT !!

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I prefer Dalinsia but TBH, her gain isn’t worth the time and energy to farm her compared to the guarantee spawn of the beserker.

Now Teimos…that is worth it the time as you make that up in leveling Teimos over a beserker.


teimos it’s a tank good for hard dungeon. but I dont advice for kill the boss on the map he is low so need time for kill a boss berserker or dalinsia kill fastly. but not good for hard dungeon

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Ah so we are talking PVE…OK then let me change it to a Relic Hunter. More stable spawning and a good all around combat thrall.

Teimos’s strength is his high hit points and quick leveling so in PVP, you can get full really quick with a mob defense.


Dalinsia. She’s pretty, and I’m a sucker for pretty thralls


so you not like the female version of berserker ? xD


I mean, I’m not picky, but I’ll ignore a berserker spawn 75% of the time because 75% of the time it’s a male with horrible genetics. Seriously though, what is it about the Cimmerians and Male Pattern Baldness?


Why waste your time with bad thralls when there are Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers?

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Dalansia hands down. If she’s up.

Teimos isn’t worth it. I’m taking a heavy guess he’ll be nerfed at some point which will put a ton of effort down the drain. Also exp comes so easily that it doesn’t matter much.

Great thing about RHTS is their health is decent at level 0 so you can easily got hunt more dangerous stuff right off the bat. Hell you don’t even really need to level them. That’s way better than waiting for a single spawn.

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the positive point of the berserker is its spawn rate. and the first negative point for the dalinsia is its spawn rate which is very low in an exaggerated way. but this increases its rarity. and the negative point of the berserker it’s thé bonus damage which increases very very slowly

in the server that i am the people have mainly berserker or dalinsia

I fell in love with Teimos as an archer. Having 9 of them all level 20 shooting down on an attacker (one with smoke, one with poison, one with acid, 1 snake, 1 firespark, and 4 with star metal)…brutal in a confined space. Deck them out in vitality armor with godbreaker helm.


Also an inability to grow beards…
This one expects berserkers to be, perhaps, a bit more unkempt.

On a purely practical level, this one would say take whatever berserker drops. Hunting Ms Snowhunter is a bit more effort than the payout justifies… Purely on numbers.

But if you need a thrall who fills out artisan pants nicely and whom you want to look at in a Hyborian Slaver top, this one will not judge.


I agree with you it will surely be nerfed one day. it’s a tank and its level increases very quickly. it’s far from logical

the only thing i can say about teimos. funcom wanted maybe to make him a T3 carrier. but maybe they made a mistake xD


Better at what?
My experience is that both have a high chance of getting negative perks, so why bother?

I have a Janos that hit every good perk and his DPS is huge. Maybe not so much health but it depends on if you are using your thrall in one major encounter or farming a string of mobs.

All around, the Relic Hunters are the best for getting decent perks and having good DPS and health.

Teimos is the top thrall, but I agree he may get a nerf in the future.


for the fight kill boss. for make simplicity. I just wanted to do this debate. following my discussion with someone. your answer will allow me to prove to this person that I am right or not. I agree with you it is difficult with her to have good advantages. but she is even rarer than gold. Thank you for your participation

She isn’t that rare, and I know the two best spots to find her in game.
The point is that she is not really worth farming when she does not come close to being an alpha thrall compared to other easier thralls to farm.
You can spend X amount of time farming her, more time leveling her, then get a negative perk on her, to what end?
I think people are enamored of her because she is a high tier female fighter. She still does not hold a candle to the female fighter Relic Hunters who get good perks and are easy to farm.


we will make a comparison when I have positive perks with her. I’m not someone who gives up quickly. I will be very interested to know the statistics of your best fighter. and believe me she is quite rare. i know all the spawn

I will post some screenshots of my best fighters shortly.