Teimos best tank in Auth build

I have used so many resources to prove that Delinsia with the elixyr of rebirth (in an Authority-well trained) is like not better than Teimos. With del, the most I could get out of her is 6817hp and only 43% str damage. With same equipment.

SO Teimos gets me 7818 HP and 52% dmg bonus. So why am I like harping on this. Because no one but me tends to look at the stats/numbers. I really want FS to run the numbers. He’s the most imperical person that can test this. Until then Cry Me A River. I stand by the fact. I will always choose Teimos in that build. AND dont get me wrong after 3.04 I got a teimos thinking he wasnt nerfed. And like I think he only had like 1300hp (at L1) When I saw that I completly put Teimos off my Radar. Until I was out of thralls to level. then it just broke through. To put it another way (Teimos like completely sucks if not in the Auth build with well trained. W/O that Teimos like completly sucks.

Soorry max dmg in str is 67%

Did you look at the hidden damage modifiers? That usually gets overlooked in comparisons like this. If you factor that in:

  • Common wisdom currently is that RHTS are best, which I can confirm from my experience/testing.
  • Cimmerian and Volcano thralls are okayish, but lacking in the HP department.
  • I have a single Accursed thrall with more HPs than a RHTS, but still less damage - and I think there’s something bugged with his stats.
  • Black Hand thralls can, curiously, have more hit points, but their damage multipliers are much, much lower.
  • Teimos, even Exiled or Darfari thralls can be viable followers. But they’re not best.

And yes I took all of that in consideration during my tests. And my Teimos thrall will completly So U say a thrall with 7800hp 54% damage bonus is going to lose to the likes of Del. Thats why I want FS to test it. I have like over 25 Delinsias with same armor and weapons. As I said haven’t tsted THS.

So are U going to Say that my Del and Zerk tests were not like good tsts? Really I tried to level a zerk with way to expensive, but I did it. I like REALLY want FS to test this. I know my stats on Del/zerk. And “my” Teimos will devour U. Keep in mind testing from both parties have to have the same Build. So without AoC/EEWA my Teimos will give u a run for your money. and I bet I would beat U anytime. If u truly think my stats are like wrong. I will give my PWD to FS to only prove my point.\


Beastmaster Teimos:
Base health = 858, Health per Vit = 77.22, Starting health (+3) = 1089.66

Dalinsia Snowhunter:
Base health = 1806.12, Health per Vit = 43.34, Starting health (+30) = 3106.32

Teimos will pass Dalinsia’s starting health at 30 Vitality:
858 + (77.22 * 30) = 3174.6

Teimos will surpass Dalinsia in health when both have received +60 Vitality:
BT: 1089.66 + (60 * 77.22) = 5722.86
DS: 3106.32 + (60 * 43.34) = 5706.72

To get 7818 health on Teimos would require 90 Vitality, or +87 over starting Vit:
BT: 1089.66 + (87 * 77.22) = 7807.8 (you probably mistyped and meant 7808)
DS: 3106.32 + (87 * 43.34) = 6876.9


Beastmaster Teimos:
Melee Multiplier = 0.728, Damage % Bonus = 0.825, Starting Str = 1, Starting Agi = 30

Dalinsia Snowhunter:
Melee Multiplier = 1.118, Damage % Bonus = 0.4, Starting Str = 15, Starting Agi = 0

At level 0, 0 Authority, wielding a 50 damage weapon:
BT: 50 * 0.728 * (1 + (1 * 0.00825)) * (1 + (30 * 0.000825)) * 1 = 37.6
DS: 50 * 1.118 * (1 + (15 * 0.004)) * (1 + (0 * 0.0004)) * 1 = 59.3

With +40 Strength, +15 Agility, 20 Authority, wielding a 50 damage weapon:
BT: 50 * 0.728 * (1 + (41 * 0.00825)) * (1 + (45 * 0.000825)) * 1.8 = 90.9
DS: 50 * 1.118 * (1 + (55 * 0.004)) * (1 + (15 * 0.0004)) * 1.8 = 123.5

Teimos is never realistically going to match Dalinsia’s damage.


Introducing Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker fighter:
Base health = 2310.02, Health per Vit = 72.07, Starting health (+10) = 3030.72
Melee Multiplier = 1.118, Damage % Bonus = 0.825, Starting Str = 0, Starting Agi = 20

+60 Vitality?:
2310.02 + (60 * 72.07) = 6634.22

+87 Vitality?:
2310.02 + (87 * 72.07) = 8580.11

Damage at level 0 with 0 Authority and wielding a 50 damage weapon?:
50 * 1.118 * (1 + (0 * 0.00825)) * (1 + (20 * 0.000825)) * 1 = 56.8

+40 Strength, +15 Agility, 20 Authority?:
50 * 1.118 * (1 + (40 * 0.00825)) * (1 + (35 * 0.000825)) * 1.8 = 137.7

A fully-leveled RHTS is going to wipe the floor with either Teimos or Dalinsia in both health and damage.


Great numbers. I will still destroy Del, forget the base stats we all start with.
YOU ME NOW do u really want to be embarresed? So HOW can I take Dal with anything better then I tested. Like Really? As I said I gave my entire resources to do it.

I dont care whether u think HP is important than NOT. DO LIKE DO I NEED TO SPELL IT OUT. Are U so sure about your stats. like DEFINETLY NOT. U want to go head to head. Teimos stats speak for them selves. I gave you imperical data that WITH A the same Build Teimos will like destroy DEL.(at leasy my Dels.) I have spent 1000s of resources to get to this destination. IF you want to contradict me, then put your money were ur mouth is. TEST IT your self. IT took me about 3months after 3.0 before I tried Teimos again.

I DONT CARE about your math and spread sheet. Try it yourself. Tell me this one thing IF delinsia was say 6680 before grouped in an Authority Build.Do U think that while Teimos has like 7800hp 65% damage to bonus. Do you really think Del will live. Like Not. my latest Build will confirm it now. Why do u think that any class of tanks you go against. Firsy get rid of that darn spreadsheet. IF you can give me Del stats that beet me, then open to it. I have leveled a ton of Del a ton of zerks. Even with the most expensive upgrade Teimos is better. I would bet I spent well ovwer 3k in all resources to do my tests. So like dont friggen just say Teimos is useless. u have to keep in mind that u have to compare apples. Teimos in the same build of Del will win. prove me wrong.

“Teimos is never realistically going to match Dalinsia’s damage.” -My Teimos has better stats in both STR/VIT. Does like your dalinsia fantasy show u that her str dmg falls well short of my Teimos. Are U like really going to push that far? ALL I can say is try it ur self. before judging my opinion.

It was mentioned earlier and I’ll say it again in case you didn’t understand @Balgard. Thralls have hidden multipliers in addition to the Strength Damage multiplier you are looking at on their Stats page. Teimos has a hidden multiplier of 0.728, that means he deals less damage than the weapon itself, while Dalinsia has a hidden multiplier of 1.118.

If Teimos is wielding a 50 damage weapon, then he is only dealing 36.4 damage to start with.
(50 * 0.728 = 36.4)

If Dalinsia is wielding a 50 damage weapon, then she is dealing 55.9 damage to start with.
(50 * 1.118 = 55.9)

I know you’re caught up thinking Teimos vs Dalinsia is just a difference of opinions on who is better, but @Tephra was not offering an opinion, just facts. Since being nerfed, Teimos isn’t even in Dalinsia’s weight class anymore. Sorry. :man_shrugging:


And I want FS to give it a good look over. Have U (outside of AoC or EEWA. My Teimos will beat Dal. Why are U guys like so afraid of Teimos being better. Unfortunatley I cant go head to head with all my Dals. since 3.0 have created like at least 25 Dals and Zerks.

"If Teimos is wielding a 50 damage weapon, then he is only dealing 36.4 damage to start with.
(50 * 0.728 = 36.4) "

so can u explain with that math (very good btw) How can my Teimos even hit for 400+ on the warmaker. The equation doesnt work…

For a very a killer tank best for newbs at least. But Funcom actually has changed the spawn time to about 25%. (either that or like I was unlucky?

It just dawned on me, this “FS” person you are talking about is @Firespark81 isn’t it? You literally already had @Tephra (who works on the official Conan Exiles Wiki) give you exact numbers, but you would prefer to hear it from a streamer?


Are you playing on official servers, or on a private or Single-Player with non-standard damage multipliers?

Ive never liked teimos myself even before the nerf ,yeah he had a lot of health but he hits like a little girl,your thralls dont need a lot of health if you kill everything fast!!

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I used to use Teimos exclusively. Literally had like 20 of them hanging out at the base since they were so easy to get. After the nerf, I tried using him and just didn’t like him. Even got a few killed. Switched to RHTS at that point.

But on our servers, we also allow “special” thralls like Ladagara, AC, Succubus, Krampus, etc who just obliterate the standard thralls. So most of the Teimos, DS, RHTS have become decorations for the most part anyways

Still wouldn’t mind having a few Karthoks in the box tho

Maybe this will help:

He shows some of the hidden modifiers at 04:00.

It’s questionable game design to hide them and is a real bummer to everyone who discovers that hidden feature. But doesn’t change that they do exist.

Using teimos post-3.0



Best tank - T3 Bearers with 1.4k hp and poison weapons

Are you… trolling? :confused:

Sorry, I have to ask… the first posts in the other thread were fine, because I figured you don’t know any better, then I linked you the spreadsheet with the relevant data.

Which btw is directly from the game source files… so the game actually uses those stats… including the hidden damage modifiers

Also… since this is the THIRD time you mention it (just form the posts I read so far), I must point out…
While Firespark is an okay youtuber and has some entertaining videos that I sometimes occasionally enjoy watching here and there… so this is nothing against him… he is really not the best at setting up clean tests or even giving out factual information…


Now that is funny but true lol. Bearers need a good nerf.

I have seen that Video. I cant personally test my theories. U need 2 players in order to give an auth build with well trained to both thralls. FS to me has the best/most analytical mind. I trust his stats more than any other.

And so, like I said W/O an authority build with well trained Teimos is crap. Have run tests with Del and zerks. Teimos puts up more dmg and better HP then Del. Run the tst yourselves. I cant test head to head between Teimos and Del. But w/out that Assuming the elyxir of re-birth. giving the same or close to the same Vit and STR. My Teimos does more dmg and with better HP by about 800hp.

So FS tsts your saying are not valid. Then have someone at FunCom or whoever u think is best suitable for this test. So prove me wrong have someone who can legit tst this.

Keep in mind I said apples to apples. Therefore the tst has to have Del (or whoever) and Teimos in a auth build with well trained. apples to apples Teimos is definetly in the top 5. and although it appears that funcom has changed the Teimos spawn rate. which is overdue I hope they can make the encounter soo much more difficult. Till then It’s like too easy to get teimos with stats that can rival Del/Zerks.

And IF U YOUSELF can tst and prove my theory then I will never post here again. (except for bugs lol)


It already was proven to you, and you elected to ignore it. The data is not on your side, and just because you refute it with biased anectodes doesn’t change reality.


Post a screenshot of your Teimos that you captured post 3.0 :slight_smile: