Rebalance Beastmaster Teimos Stats

He can have HP numbers ranging from 10k to 18k. This is too much. He also is a fighter and mostly has high accurary for some reason.

He also levels up way faster than other thralls.

And also, ban all people who recreate char when they about to die :wink: oh snap… jk :wink:

But agree. Tamos is way to good.

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It was funny xD We were all laughing so hard in clan :smiley:
I always wanted to pull that off and this was the best moment :wink:

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Leveling (XP required) depends on faction/region. The problem is his high health. Lian & Janos have also high dmg output (because they start with 30STR) and level fast, but they have crap HP (which is a bigger factor in PvP).

Relic hunter fighters also have high ACC multiplier… They are the best overall fighters & archers (at least PvE wise).

Maybe his “HP logic” is the same like the beast-tamer PURGE people and someone at FC confused Teimos with purge people (because of his name).

Nah, leave him be. He is the only useful thrall on the entire east side of the map.


Useful? Any thrall t4 fighter can take you through any dungeon anyway.

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I can’t quite agree with you on that.

My beast-tamer from the purge is geared towards health, strength and mobility.
You can have one and the same companion, but its attributes do not have to be the same.

I am disappointed with the berserkers.
Some of them get minus in strength and plus in precision.

That’s something I can’t accept.
Berserkers are fighters with axes, swords, or fists; they would never use bows.



PVP wise is what i mean. We all know any T4 (and some T3) fighters are more than enough for the “brutal” world of CE :slight_smile:

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i think berserker is better

beast master 3276 1 2 3 30 15 2.08 2.1
berserker 4437 15 0 30 0 0 2.24 2.1

Slightly, but without being at home to pull the tables, from my experience, the Beastmaster gets almost 2x health per level tick compared to berserker, so over a full level up it usually gets higher. Beastmaster is far easier to capture, you can strt collecting day 1 when you log into a server. Also, based on research somewhere in the forums early on after leveling was introduced, the lower starting atts in str and vit means i have a higher chance at rolling great perks.Top it all off with the ACC allowing it to at worse become a very good archer for base defense., i will go with the beastmaster. If you berserker starts getting ACC rolls, it will basically stunt its melee and make it a throw away thrall.

But the best all around is probably the relic hunter fighters. The amount that are 100% spawns and the stats make it best on the new patch.

Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker (Fighter) 5412 0 15 10 20 0 2.21 2.2

In my TvP u mean since brimging thralls in to a fight is just lame :wink:

The first thralls we get are treasure seeker slave takers.
Then a berserker, then a named bearer. My berserker has 14k HP and solos dragons,(she is also a pre thrall/follower update. so you all can keep Teimos and the rest of them fighters.

Dont really have use for any others.

I gave a noob a Tessa the blade. He left and gave me all his stuff when he left the server. She has 78% accuracy and 100% survival.
Not much of a “blade”

After last nerf berserker cant have 14k HP.

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