Is it true beastmaster teimos is OP

It doesn’t make much sense to me why a mid leveling thrall thats a guarentee spawn can out perform a slow leveling thrall. Ive seen teimos defeat the Beserker, dalinska, all volcano thralls. It appears that it comes down to HP and vitality. So if you want best thralls get beastmaster or relick hunters. Because vitality is better then strength.

That’s why I like t3 bearers. Sure, damage output of a wet noodle, but my most recent one made it to over twenty thousand HP (and that’s after the thrall nerf). Stuck him in heavy epic flawless armour, gave him a venom-infused waraxe (to do damage on his behalf, since he couldn’t really manage it himself) or switched it to Yog’s Touch if we were fighting something immune to poison. As long as you can dish out a bit of damage yourself, having a companion that’s more or less indestructible can be quite nice :wink:

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beast master is the answer !! best thrall!!

Why not just shut up about it so we can have access to a decent thrall without it being nerfed into the ground? Like really? Whoopee do, a guarantee melee spawn that has just as much chance to end up with archery stats as every other thrall that gets ruined at level 10 or 15 or 20.

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Access to a decent thrall is okay. Easy access for low-level players to gain the best thrall is maybe not okay. Just like if the Darfari cudgel was the best weapon in the game, it would probably not be okay.

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Define easy access? He’s not exactly the easiest to knock out. His reach with that spear is a pain in the butt. He’s surrounded by panthers and archers. He’s about as far in one direction on the map as you can get. A relic hunter or berzerker would be way easier to get IMO. In fact when starting a new toon that’s one of the first things I go do, go into the cellar dungeon and get one of those relic hunters there. 6k+ hit points right out of the wheel.

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It should be nerfed it makes every other thrall not worth it. Why goto the volcano to get thralls. Why goto Mounds of the dead, Why goto the unnamed city. Some people just want the easy life. Dont want to put in the grind. Yeah lets just fill base with Teimos because he’s OP and a fast leveler. Shut up man hard thralls should be hard to get thats the whole point. I could grab a some blunted arrows at low level a d get a teimos. Nerf him or remove him i say!


Nerf all thralls


Thurga also is very nice. Guaranteed, ease of access, immune to poison sunder and other bad stuffs from level 1. Thurga is not a DPS miracle, but very resillient. Who needs 20k HP if you can’t get sundered?

Teimos is not OP. Like all the thralls now, purely optional. Stick him in a level 6 swarm of locusts purge and see how well he does. His OPness will quickly be exposed as wishful thinking.

I did not know this - I should stop just killing him and actually get myself one…

Oh, didnt know that about Thugra. What about N`batu? (my base is between this 2 hideouts :smiley: )

Lian and Janos are my go to’s, given the proximity my main base has to New Asgarth and the towers surrounding it.

I have been taking a level sixteen Janos with me everywhere, especially to collect thralls. That Janos with a steel trunxheon and advanced blunt fitting, is efficient to say the least.

I hadn’t looked for Teimos yet, and hadn’t been able to get Dalinsia Snowhunter to spawn. So I just nabbed a few Cimmerian III’s to not make a wasted trip, and dragged them almost all the way across the highlands.

Whoah whoah whoah… there’s something… GOOD in the game?

Holy sh-t, I’m contacting funcom. I won’t STAND for this. Mother will hear of this! People obtaining things that are good in a reasonable timeframe? No no NO! Not on MY watch! No, this thrall must be locked behind some kind of grind mechanic that takes weeks, and his health pool should be cut in half, and the damage? Remove it! Damage on a thrall, could you imagine? No, not in MY game. I exclusively play on rp sexiles servers, and I will NOT have my singleplayer lewd immersion ruined by someone actually having fun somewhere on my planet. NOT ON MY WATCH!!!

I mean really though what are we gonna do, nerf every single decent thrall out there? The berserkers? The relic hunters? Janos? Dalinsia? Cmon man. Funcom already arbitrarily made farming 2x harder for pvp servers without any good reason, let us at least get some damn thralls.


You don’t get it do you. Its a mid leveling thrall that destroys every other thrall including slow levelimg thrall. Why bother getting slow levelers when you can get a beastmaster. And its a 80% spawn rate. It even beats a dalinska. So why get a dalinska. Besides he is supposed to be a purge thrall along with the other cimmarian beasttamers. Again my point is. Why bother looking for a dalinska. Why bother trying to get purge fighters. Does that sink in yet? Does that not defeat the point of the game. I bet you think the emissaries shouldnt of been nerfed despite them having 70k HP

And how exactly have funcom made it 2x harder in pvp? Its literally the fastest farming right now. Considering uts 2x harvest and 2x experience. Also you now have black blood tools and oils for tools. You must be new to conan because if you think its 2x harder you wernt around before these things. As a solo player i can farm 16k iron in 8 minutes the time untill the oils run out. You come across like you want everything easy and given to you.

The problem is, that bigger HP is better than bigger STR/dmg multipier.

Lian & Janos make most dmg, as they came with 30 STR out of the box and their dmg multiplier aint that much lower than Cim, volcano & Dalinsia. A lvl20 Lian & Janos will 90% of the time have 15 more STR than any other thrall.

The problem these 2 have is: Their health is really bad. And thats why they will lose in thrall VS thrall battles.

To sum it up: Its a combination of Funcoms balancing and PvPers, which wanted thrall dmg nerfed. Thrall dmg was nerfed 3 times!! and the last nerf, even nerfed HP of all thralls.
And Funcom didnt adapt Teimos to that, which is just smh

After how many years, Funcom is still unable to balance their game 100% correctly, as probably no one knows all things anymore :smiley:

I’m getting tired of people that have no idea what they’re talking about spouting off like they’re kings of the universe.

  1. PVP harvesting/exp/rates were set to 1x, hence why I said it’s twice as hard as before now, because it measurably is. The rates used to be 2x, they aren’t anymore. I don’t know when you last played, but pay attention before replying.

  2. I’ve got 5k hours in the game, I know how to mine iron. You’re not impressing anyone with those stats, either.

  3. Dalinsia/Relic hunters/Berserkers all have higher damage multipliers and starting health, so saying teimos is flat out better is measurably wrong.

I love it though. Every single time someone just arbitrarily asks for nerfs and I disagree it’s “yeah well you want 70k hp thralls and everything handed to you!” as if there’s literally no middle ground between making the game a second job or having the game play itself. Not even capable of considering that maybe there’s another perspective, I MUST be human waste, it’s the only way I could possibly not want something nerfed.

Instead of immediately lashing out like an amoeba exposed to stimuli, stop and think for a second. Why would someone farm dalinsias, berserkers, volcano thralls or relic hunters over teimos? Teimos is out of the way, flotsam doesn’t have as large a pool of potential named crafters to farm. Dalinsia/berserkers have multiple spawns in an endgame camp with nearly every named crafter available, relic hunters spawn in guaranteed packs of 4 at a time, named volcano fighters spawn super frequently and also give better crafters as you farm.

With relic hunters for example, I run in a small clan or solo in nearly all my hours in the game. Gathering individual thralls and babying them to level 20 isn’t feasible, that’s not a good use of my time. There’s just too much sh-t to do. So, I head to the unnamed city when I’ve got a free weekend, slap down 3 large wheels and grab relic hunters in a few batches of 24. It would take me weeks to get that many disposable teimos. If I need steel, I can farm the mounds, killing thralls I dont want, gathering thralls I do want, and grabbing dalinsia/berserkers along the way, while dismantling dropped armor for a boost to my endgame mats.

See for folks that are capable of thought, the process goes like this:

Witness something > Detect problem > Propose solution

You skipped that middle part, you just see something and immediately begin suggesting nerfs. The problem here isn’t argued for. Completely skipped over. Yeah, it levels quickly, but so do most cat pets that annihilate players in pvp, and what’s more dangerous - 1 teimos or 4 relic hunters?

Get wiped a few hundred times more on official pvp servers then tell me how much more grindy you want the game to be. I don’t understand you people that sit there and spend a month making basic progress ingame and go “man I wish this took TWO months, I don’t want to be a big baby!” as if that part of your character is defined by how long you spend grinding in video games. Trust me, once you get a bit more pvp experience and you get used to the other 100s of grindpaths you have to do nonstop all day every day to stay competitive, you’re not going to want things like random decent thralls to be arbitrarily nerfed just because you think they’re “too strong”.

Oh and, regardless of how strong a thrall is, they lose to every player in every context. Give me a spear and some time, I don’t care how much hp your “broken” thrall is.


You are totally wrong its still 2x harvest amount on pvp atleast on console you need to go back and check again. Also other thralls having higher base HP you do relise teimos gets over 200 HP every time he levels up and gets a point into vitality. Now a beserker for example only gets around 60HP per vitality point. Hence why Teimos has ridiculously high HP. One of the replys to this sums this up correctly and that is. Other thralls cannot make up the difference in a thrall vs thrall fight no matter their strength or damage multiplier. Id expect someone with 5k Hours would know this. And im not trying to impress you with numbers I just proved you wrong when it comes to you complaining its harder now. Btw I couldnt be bothered to read such a long post.