Question on thralls

I know when you level your thrall it’s all about luck that you get a good roll. But what I want to know is if you take the same thrall for example Lian. Will his initial health and stats be different everytime?

No these are set, the percentage chance of getting an increase to each stat does vary. This can be further changed by feeding thralls different food. I really like Lian as a thrall as they are quick to level and have high strength to start with. Feed them Gruel and the percentage to increase strength per level increases a further 14%.

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People are always high on the Berzerker, but Lian is one of my favorites. Great damage early on.

Berserkers have been nerfed majorly. Lian is now much better IMHO, but the Relic hunters are now impressive. I had forgotten about them, but post nerf they seem good, albeit slower levelers.

High HP thralls dominate. A Beastmaster teimos eats every other thrall apart from relic hunters. And teimos levels to max 3x faster. Its so broken.

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Hmm I am not sure what the damage multipliers are on Tiemos? This is important to factor in. A good point for Relic hunters (fighters) are the high multiplier for both ranged and melee weapons. There are some strange calculations going on whenI look at percentage increase in melee damage compared to strength with different thralls. It seems that Relic hunters for example show a higher percentage increase in per strength point than Berserkers for example.

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Teimos multiplier is 2.08 not much less then volcano thralls. Ive also seen him with upto 14k HP. And he only needs 6m Xp to max. He so overpowered.

Also the damage multipliers right now dont make up the difference in fighting against high HP thralls. A beserker with 58 str and 6k HP will lose to a Teimos with 27 str and 12k HP. The difference in HP is just to much for the higher damage to counter

Checkput this video and watch the beastmaster destroy every other thrall.

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Well guys with all the talk about Teimos I went and got him. Brought Lian with me and we both use a truncheon on him. He is now getting tame.

Get them while you can. I think teimos is supposed to be a purge thrall and he will probably get nerfed.

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Teimos will certainly get nerfed, and then you all will be back here crying about it, even though you blabbed it all on the forum yourselves. “When will they ever learn…when…will…they…ever…learn.”

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