Beastmaster Teimos broken! balance?

Dear developers, when you hear people and fix the buggy characteristics of Beastmaster Teimos, on the vanilla map he is the strongest slave, with the lowest initial characteristics. Many topics were created on account of this, but zero action on your part. it is easy to find it. It is not right. He is stronger than Dalinsia and any fighter from purge…

All the slaves were nerfed, the total HP was cut, the HP gain was nerfed, and so on. They apparently forgot to nerf teimos. Playing on a pvp server, there is no point in other slaves in general, teimos is stronger than any slave from the top purge, no matter how much power he has, his multiplayer is broken, the damage is huge, as well as the HP growth multiplier. Any slave from the top purge will lose to him. What is the point, then, in other slaves? What’s the point of purge? If everyone just walks and stuns the TOP slave naked in the game. Why the rest of the slaves then?


Whilst BMT does have a very high HP pool, he does lack in strength. BMT is an archer thrall and it can be difficult to keep him at range to utilize his highest dmg related stat.

DSH is beast 1hd, with approximately 75 - 80% of the HP pool BMT can end up with(my BMTs usually hit 20 with roughly 10k HP).

To summarize, BMT is a tank thrall, especially with a lifeblood spear, he prefers the polearm class as his default wpn and bugs out less using polearms.

DSH is a dps thrall, much higher melee output, with less hp. Fights dont last as long as BMT so the higher HP pool is moot…

Just my opinion and how i use either thrall.


Teimos’ damage is no less than that of the purge slaves, this is a broken slave

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No. Just straight up no.


Here we go, another nerf request.

No. BMT has strengths and weaknesses. Not everything has to be nerfed until it’s just a mass of indistinguishable junk with a couple of unique best choices dictating a meta. Learn to play with a variety of choices.

That means purge thralls are broken, not Teimos. If you’re going to compare Teimos’ strength, compare it to thralls that are known for their strength.


I do agree. One of the persons that bring this issue more than once here is me. But…
Everything in this game has a reason and this reason is ballance. @Tuffman is right about the vertical NO. Most of the Teimos I trained(99%) end up
Great archers with enormous hp pool for archer. Wak and firespark made a year+ some tests, proving that Teimos and Relic hunters are the best Thralls . Yet not a month ago another video from them prove that admin mode 0-20 lvl up does not give to your thralls the correct stats this thrall will gain by raising the lvls the normal gaming way. There for you have your prove that these old tests were wrong or not so exact, since the only way to make a test like this you have to spend 6 months of gaming at least to train thralls that will have exact the the same perks and then put them to fight against to see who’s the best :wink:.
Again, ballance is the key. There are 3 versions of this game and every single version must have a chance for balanced game, or the best possible balanced.
My mistake asking nerf of Teimos, because my little head just couldn’t accept that this easy spawn can encounter, a Dalinsia, a Lesteret, a Spinas etc… just couldn’t understand why easy spawns must exist. If the game from devs was to be done my way then we shouldn’t have easy spawns in Sinners Refuge cave too, since now all the named crafters that have same specialization produce the same outcomes(I suppose I am not sure about that) . Ballancing the game like I would love to, then the game in the beginning should have my name too :joy::joy::joy:.
No, I was wrong and I am sorry about it, it just didn’t feel right back then, yet my knowledge about Teimos was poor since I had a denial to go and farm him in pve servers. In pvp servers however I farmed him a lot, a lot and it gave my clan a chance to grow fast and gain knowledge faster. Teimos is necessary in pvp, he must not be harmed, I agree with @CodeMage in this part totally.

Ps. Teimos once one shot me, but my team mates told me that I took more than one hit from him, almost the full combo. I was experiencing a lag but I didn’t understand it :wink:


Earlier, even before the nerf of the slaves, when the bers had 7k hp, and the dalinsia had 10k, teimos was normal and consistent. All slaves were nerfed, but they forgot about teimos. All slaves have their HP points reduced, but teimos is not, it is broken. It doesn’t matter how many power points teimos has 10 or 30, he will kill any slave from the top cleansing, he has a broken damage multiplayer, he has a broken increase in HP points. All slaves had their HP gain reduced, their initial health was halved, but teimos was not touched. I say this broken slave again. If this were not so, there would not have been so many topics and noise around him.

He has the lowest damage multiplier and starting HP of the other “top” thralls, such as Cimmerian Berserkers, Treasure Seekers, and Dalinsia. Berserkers and Treasure Seekers have 100% spawn points.

Teimos is popular because he levels more quickly and with his HP gain per Vit has the potential for a large HP pool.

Popular does not mean OP or broken. And stop spreading misinformation.


I think people like him because he’s a little harder to find.

Cimmerians are sexy. Relic Hunters are mysterious. Pick your bodyguards carefully. :smiley:


it is immediately clear that the person does not understand what it is about, theimos is a top slave, when pumping has 13-17k hp and more, having even 20 strength, he will kill any slave with a top purge, since he has a broken multi, none of the slaves has so much hp, survival, and also broken damage. He’s super easy to find, unlike even the Dalinsia, which is much weaker than him these days. Any fighter with a Cimerian purge will be weaker than him.

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So whats the problem exactly? If Teimos is so utterly amazing, go get one.

And ignoring the content of my post while just restating what you’ve already said doesn’t make it more correct. If someone levels enough Teimos thralls to get full vitality perks, good for them. They probably should be pretty effective in PvP with that kind of time and commitment. Things like this are only unbalanced if you yourself have no possible way of accomplishing something.


It might also be called unbalanced if it’s a strictly dominant choice, so nobody ever chooses any other thrall except Teimos. But that’s not the case, either, which makes this another call for a nerf because “something is stronger than I like”.

That’s really getting old. Seriously, if Teimos is really a big stumbling block for someone on PVP or PVE-C server, may I suggest private servers or official PVE?


Given how readily available higher teir thralls are on IoS, I doubt they will move in the direction of making good thralls harder to get - even on EL. That seems like a distinct design choice moving forward.

Teimos is great, but as many others have pointed out no where near the “best”. His only advantage is that he’s there when you want him and he’s in the easy to lvl category.


I’m really starting to think that OP just had their beloved purge fighter wrecked by a Teimos and they’re quite salty about it. Because clearly, purge thralls should be an “I WIN” button.(<-thats sarcasm)


Go to any pvp server, official or not. And look with what slaves everyone runs, 80% of people run with teimos, the remaining 20% simply do not know that this broken slave is so strong and continue to run for half a day looking for dalinsia. Which, by the way, is much more difficult to get, used to be one of the strongest slaves, swings longer, has higher stats, but now it is much weaker than teimos. As an example.

And you are wrong, I also only use teimos, since he is the top slave on the map. I have no choice, I would like to run with Sonja or Dalinsia, but I cannot, because she is simply much weaker, any slave is weaker than him.

That is provably false.


Ah, so this boils down to Teimos having the wrong parts downstairs? How delightfully unimportant.


very funny, keep on laughing. Beast-Tamer Frida, Beast-Tamer Ulfarn, Orvar Battleborn are on a par with Sonya, and they are all weaker than him too.

I want variety, not see everyone running around with a broken slave. Who needs purge slaves? Who needs dalinsies? Bers …

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