thanks. waiting :slight_smile:

There is one little detail all these years about Dalinsia and Spinas the marauder, to make them special in my heart. They keep position to the fight, the one rizes good hp and the other crazy damage outcome no mater the stats.
Between Berserkers and volcano thralls (because Dalinsia is the elite of Berserkers), I choose volcano. They come out with stats ready to fight everything, if you take a new Berserker with a normal heavy armor in front of a spider boss, you just sign his, her death sentence.
I choose Berserkers however because they are there for you in really low levels and easier biome. Plus the female Berserkers are always “gifted” :rofl::rofl::rofl:, which is really cool :man_shrugging:.
But the most beautiful thralls are the female Relic hunters, these ladies are supermodels.


low level slaves have better physics. it is not logical

where is ? xD

Never said that, I said that you can go and farm a Berserker when YOU are in a very low level, they are alone and you can place a bedroll really close. That’s why Berserkers :man_shrugging:. In the past I was farming Tugra first to help me with Berserkers, now you hit better with a truncheon from your thrall, check it, so it’s best to go alone, it’s just easier.

it was just a detail. Berserker is still a good one soldier, but I won’t spend my time farming him.

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One of the benefits to running mods is you can see damage values in real time. Not having to guess or do weird things to see how much damage is done. But actually see real numbers pop up as they happen. With this and knowing the simple math with how little thralls benefit from primary stats that are not Vitality, the difference between good perks and bad perks is negligible.

For example, the difference between the best perks you can get on a fighter vs the worst with a Sword of Crom with Master Fitting is less than 5-10pts of damage on average.

Vitality matters a little more, and only for PVP. A top tier thrall (such as ones listed in above comments) with the worst vitality negatives possible will be able to solo (without player interaction) just about any PVE encounter in the game (this is assuming they -might- die against Arena Champion without help from the player).


Reading some of the posts, I must be really lucky finding Dalinsia. I only recently moved base up north and I already have 4 Dalinsia’s and a 5th one on the wheel, while not even actively farming her. Sometimes I just go check Stargazers while waiting for mats to cook. Only ever been to Mounds once and, wouldn’t you know it, she was there. Two of them I found within half an hour or so. But then again, I’m on single player so every spawn is for me and me only.

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All T4 / T5 thrall fighters (and archers) are winners, especially when ‘experienced up’ several levels. Since we can rename any thralls/pets/followers, it becomes a moot point - for e.g. I pay homage to many modders and personalities within the game environment by renaming ‘Cimmerian Beserker’ to someone more meaningful.

I have never fully checked the different spawnings of Dalensia for stat differences, or what they would be after levelling to max, but I suspect that the overall differences are meaningless. For me, Dalensia is certainly a great thrall to acquire, but the Beserkers are too - it’s in the name. :slight_smile:


I don’t farm Teimos either :rofl::rofl::rofl:, your gaming time your rules, respect :pray:t6:. This is the great advantage of the big variety of good followers in the game, you can choose the one you “love” the most and carry on.
@Taemien, you just want to read it once more… I envy pc players :pensive:

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Honestly, I go for all of them, why limit yourself? gotta catch 'em all, like Pokemon! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I tend to lean toward Beserker right off the bat, since its the easiest to find usually, and Relic hunters can be tricky to get when you are very low level. One on one Ok, but two or three at a time on your own can be… a mission.

I find Dalinisia is a great thrall, but I find she rarely spawns for me, though I think it’s mainly because everyone else on the server gets to her before I manage to.


:+1:t6:. Exactly…
When I restart to a server my first neighbor is always the mount of dead. Easy lvl up and almost always a map room there to teleport on sinchole and Sinners Refuge for named crafters. At the time you get your first Berserker of the wheel then the whole map is yours even if you’re not ready for it, your thrall is. So since I spend a lot of time at the beginning on the mount of dead, Dalinsia eventually spawns. The old Dalinsia was something to talk about, the new is just a good catch, nothing more. After 2.4 I left the encumbrance build forever and never look back. Now I am the fighter and all my thralls expendable fighters, as long I don’t babysit my thrall, all good. I don’t care if my thrall dies, I do not fix their armors anymore, I farm the Cimmerian steel pieces and it’s all they need, so if it dies I don’t mind for the loot. Good perks, bad perks, I don’t care, all I care is to follow me and help me do my goal, if he she comes back alive, it’s better but if not, no problem :man_shrugging:. Next :rofl::rofl::rofl:.


are spawn rate and very very low. she not spawn all the days. sometimes I tried to find it for 3 days, it was often negative…it’s like waiting for the meteorite to land on the map

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The difference between the AB and DA is so minimal for melee- AB- 2.24 vs DA -2.21

JJdancer is right- it depends on the perks

Got a tier 2 fighter with 6k health - LOL!

And for the record on officials , the first time i head south -theres DA - scooped her up and off i go.

I dont farm thralls , period.

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chance of getting good perks: low

spawn rate : low

combat level : quite good

standard of living : minimum 7000 almost guaranted on lvl20. maximum 8400 and 9900 with vita armor and tatoo and weapon( its maybe possible to get more life with better armor)

little thanks to (Ragnaguard) for the damage outfit. she is just perfect for doing big damage. the amount of points is amazing

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I hate this discussions about who is better because in the end it all burnes down to personal preferences and the situation you are in. High dps is not everything, especially in pvp. Sometimes you are just better of with a thrall that has a ton of life or simply can take a beating, other times an archer can do more for you then a pure mele fighter.

I still have a t2 fighter in my thrall collection that got almost 9k hp with armor and makes decent enough damage that I can go with hin to the unnamed city and other spots to farm bosses. Called him “Surprise” because he was one. Got him from one of the jungle vendors. Who knew that he would turn into one of my favorite thralls. People are too much into the whole named thralls are the only ones who are worth getting. Be open minded about getting thralls and you will encounter that a lot of no named thralls can surprise you too.


No, the perks don’t actually matter on thralls. They don’t change the TTK in PVE at all, and the TTK against a person or their thrall is minimal (assuming vitality, other stats are irrelevant in PVP*).

The problem with this discussion is the psychology behind negative and positive perks. The implementation of perks has some flaws. Mainly in the fact that thralls can get bonuses in stats they don’t use. But the biggest problem is the underlying system makes the perk system mostly irrelevant. We are literally talking about the difference measured in single digits. When fighting against bosses with 18,000hp an extra 6 damage doesn’t matter so much. Maybe a five minute fight takes 10 seconds more or less at the most. The benefit doesn’t match the emotional attachment.

The reason why players go for named thralls is interesting because its not for the stats that you see. Its for the stats you don’t see. Players are cognitive enough to understand that the stats don’t matter. They really are smart enough, that’s why they typically leave the under T4 thralls dead and don’t even pick them up (unless they just need numbers for purges).

The unseen stats that modify damage directly has far more impact than any other stat in the game. However the unseen modifier (which you can kinda figure out through some math) for vitality to health is also sort of important. I say sort of because the thralls who have good hidden damage modifiers typically have good health from vitality modifiers too. So they go hand in hand.

Now you have said that your T2 fighter does ‘just fine’. And you would be correct in that statement. A T2 thrall with decent gear and decent growth stats (which they can have) will see good enough results for 90% of the game.

90% of the game is trivial though. The other 10% isn’t much better. Despite what some people think, CE doesn’t really have hard PVE content. And the thralls in general are overtuned for the content. When I say 90% of the game is trivial I mean it. That T2 thrall can solo that 90%. You can take the T2 thrall against most bosses and send them in, and let them go ham on it and they will likely come out on top (assuming decent gear of course as armor value does play a significant role).

But despite the playerbase knowing what thralls have the hidden stats that matter. The perks system still triggers the emotional set of their brain. If they see a -10 STR on a Dalinisia Snowhunter, they think its a bad thrall. Its not, her 2+x modifier ensures she still does far more damage than most T4 thralls and all T3 and under thalls. Or if she comes out with 4500 health due to bad vitality rolls. Not realizing that with Epic Armor and Bulk Plating (thralls have infinite encumbrance effectively), the eHP (effective health based on damage reduction from armor) is still high enough to take on everything except MAYBE the Arena Champion.

And that last one is assuming the thrall fighting it solo with no help at all from the player. It is still very capable of fighting the Arena Champion with help from the player. Making even the worst rolled Dalinsia ever still able to do 100% of PVE content in a normal fashion.

Where things kinda matter is when we talk about large scales. This is in quantity of thralls (useful for purges) and time (when a player has an excess of several thousand hours played on a single character).

This is why Beastmaster Teimos is preferred. It is an guaranteed spawn, and levels quickly. It is a strong (enough) thrall that is typically used as purge defense or a main thrall until something better comes along. Now I’m going to take a slight detour here.

I want to preface that what I am about to say is a hunch, I do not have advance knowledge. Its a feeling and nothing else. But I believe Teimos will see a nerf. Existing thralls may be unaffected or they may be wiped out (that I have no guess for). But I do forsee the usage of that thrall being mitigated sometime in the future. My recommendation for anyone relying on that thrall is to not do so, and swap out to something else as soon as you can. I will be linking to this warning should that nerf happen whenever those of you who are going to scoff at this and ignore it invariably complain about this toy being taken away or mitigated.

Now back to the topic. The next thing is time. Remember what I said about the difference of 6 damage not meaning anything. Well 10 seconds per boss. If you fight a dozen bosses a day, that’s 2 minutes. 2 minutes equates to a bit over 8 hours a year. Now you could argue that when you scale it like that, its misleading. And you’d be right, because we’re talking ten seconds in a position that isn’t decisive. You’re not losing 10 seconds that could reliably be doing something other than walking. So its influence isn’t actually that much.

But the real reason it doesn’t matter is it eventually evens out. You’ll get the high damage thrall to save those ten seconds eventually. And of course, people can’t do a dozen bosses a day, 5 days a week, for the entire 52 weeks out of the year. Breaks happen, you change up the routine, or whatever.

To put this all shortly, get yourselves a Berserker from somewhere, any T4 thrall from Nords or better, and its good enough. Use the best damaging thrall from those lists you have and replace them as you get better. Shove the emotional attachments aside and everything will simply work.

Seriously the issue with perks is the emotional reaction people have to them causes more problems than the stats themselves ever could. FC could blank out that side of the page (not remove it) and people would simply be ignorant and happier.


So a +10 to vitality doesnt matter?

Or how about might of giants- +10 to strength?

And i said nothing about PvP.

Depends on what you need to accomplish. For pure pve, if you are not good in fighting bosses, i helps for sure to have that thrall with some extra hp or more strenght. But in the end like Taemien stated, most thralls with good gear, no matter the perks, will get the job done. It might take longer or a heal more inbetween if you got a “weaker” thrall but they do enough damage overall to kill everything there is in Conan. The stats/perks of the thrall are like an extra layer of chocolate on the cake. It can be very satisfying seeing your thrall finally getting the perks you want them to have. But if you love a thrall, for whatever reason it is, you simply love him/her, with the good or the bad perks he/she got. Like I said a lot burnes down to preferences. Some like thralls for their looks, some for their perks, some prefer a fraction over another and some just go with what they get on the field and if they die they die.

For PVE, not really. A 4,500hp Dalinisia is pretty much as capable as a 9,500 Dalinisia in normal PVE use cases.

Now with that said, this is assuming decent armor. Unarmored, obviously you want as much HP as possible. But when talking about T4 thralls, its assumed you have access to equipping them. But even then, matching the tier of armor to the tier of content you are doing should be fine in either case.