Thrall Nerf Question

Hello Exiles

I know Beastmaster Teimos got a reduction in his hit points recently. But is Dalinsia Snowhunter still any good? Is she worth hanging onto?

Any thoughts?

Dalinsia Snowhunter has always been (and is still) one of the best thralls to tame. Gratz on your find, not only is she good but she is rare, which makes her a bit of a trophy too. :+1: :sunglasses: :+1:

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Complicated question.

Is she still good?
As far as Thralls go, she is still near the top of the pile, specifically for Strength Melee.

Is she worth hanging on to?
If you already had one… Maybe.
Probably not.
They added the Grit stat to Thralls.
The Grit stat does what Agility used to do, it improves armour rating.
Existing thralls in play have a Grit stat of 0.
If they are already max level, that Grit will never increase.
Existing thralls also had their hit points reduced to be in line with current thrall standards.
So, an existing Snowhunter may not be worth hanging on to unless she has exceptionally good Strength and Vitality.
Especially as Perks can be rerolled via potion now.
You may be better off catching a new Dalinsia.

While thralls, in general, aren’t nearly as good as they used to be… that can be adjusted with an Authority build. Dalinsia remains a top pick, but whether you’ll want a combatant thrall anymore is a question.

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Top 3 best thralls to get:

Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker
Cimmerian Berserker
Dalinsia Snowhunter

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I’d rank Lianeele among the Top-3.

Those who know, know.


Does the relic hunter hit harder than a berserker?

You want the treasure seekers, and their damage modifier is very much in par with the berserker. But treasure seekers gain about twice as many hitpoints per vitality than any other thrall out there. This makes them the very best to get.


The berserker should hit harder, but has less hit points


Do relic hunter treasure seekers come in Tier 4 versions? And where are they found?

I believe they’re somewhat the same, not sure if they’re officially T4 though, but they close to equal difficulty knocking them out.
You can’t tame the mini-boss.


Treasure Seekers are the t4 Relic Hunters. Best place to get them is the Wine Cellar dungeon - on the back of the tavern you find Conan in.
But they’re also in the Unnamed City.


Quick number crunching and just some personal experience says this is not the case. Their modifiers aren’t much different but RHTS gain about 2.5x the percent damage increase per point of strength compared to a Zerker.

If you’re looking to run an authority build, especially with well-trained. Go with the Treasure Seekers.


Do thralls still got negative perks when leveling, because with less hp and damage, taking a park with negative vitality or strength would ruin the thrall.

Cannot 100% say they don’t, but if there are negative perks it’s a lot less common. Plus you have the ability to use potions to reroll perks.

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True I didn’t take much consideration in growth
Zerkers just start with high damage multipliers, its still a little RNG in how good they will become leveling up in the end

All my current berzerkers deal more damage than the Relic hunter I currently own (all level 20) but its not a major difference, however the health pool is pretty much higher with the relic hunter on top.

(I train all my thralls with gruel for more str chance in growth after that I feed them Enhanced Gruel for more health regen after they take damage)

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Yes you can and it ruining a thrall probably completely depends on your build
I purposefully try to roll for the Angry Drunk perk which gives + 8 str and - 5 Vit on my thralls because I value str over vit and extra HP isn’t needed for the build I run
I have still not lost a thrall to any boss or event since 3.0 hit even with me settling for more str and less vit

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Not even by Thag? These annoying add spawns stagger locked my thrall and she died eventually (it was close to not die though, but I couldn’t get the last hit on before my thrall died Dalinsia max lvl 1700+ armour).

He died too fast for it to be a problem
Only boss that came close was arena champion and she would have killed both if I wasn’t helping them keep her staggered

Just use the new potion to reroll the perks, I have gotten some amazing rerolls on my thralls.


Ah yes, I was kinda slow on te kill and unlucky

Any advice for killing him quick enough?

(I used the gladius short sword 95 dmg 31% pen full agility build with medium agility damage armour)