I reject your Meta, and substitute my own

Every time I’ve encountered a Lian, Cim Berserker, or Dalinsia, I’ve killed them. I want their loot, hides, and religious essence worse than I want their HP or DPS. :grin:


Thralls are so easy to cheese as they are completely brain dead. The key seems to be just not getting bored and complacent as you have to whittle down 20k health. Getting bored, leads to them getting a 1 shot hit. Complacency is really the only danger they pose.

I reject those weak thralls too.

That one isn’t even level 20 yet and the perks are meh.

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This delightful lady is my companion on my adventures these days:

Take a look at those lovely stats! Most of them (all except Survival, I believe) started at 0, and her level 0 hitpoints were a mighty 360.

She started life as a T1 Exile Fighter. She caught my attention by fighting three shalebacks alone with a stone spear. She wasn’t going to win, but she impressed me by how long she managed to hold her own, so I decided to save her and recruit her into my team.

It was a rough start when her Vitality refused to grow, and at level 6 she had a measly 386 hitpoints. But she makes up for her lack in some numbers with sheer aggressive badassery. Whether she has a spear or a two-handed sword, she fully exploits the fact that she has no Stamina. Whereas other thralls may stop in the middle of a fight to meditate on the mysteries of life, universe and everything, Arianrhod goes all out and keeps hitting until the other guy stops moving.

Mind you, with my traveling companion being… modest when it comes to stats and survivability means I need to be active in combat too. She has come close to death a couple of times. Can’t leave her soloing a regular Cimmerian Berserker.

With seven more levels and two perks to grow, I’m curious to see how strong she ends up. I hope she makes it that far, I’d be sad and feel more than a little guilty if she died.


Level 16, Angry Drunk perk (well that explains her aggressive behavior), over 1800 hitpoints.

She has graduated!

So, as far as I can see, based on her perks, she trained as an assassin but was rejected by the Guild of Death because her anger management issues made her unpredictable. So she started drinking. She made some enemies along the way, and those enemies arranged her to be deported into the Exiled Lands. Sobering up on the cross, she made it through to Noob River, surviving through sheer perseverence and bad attitude until she ran into her new best friend, my character.

She’s not going to solo the Red Mother. That’s fine. For the lowest-tier follower possible, I’m surprised how useful she ended up to be.

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How do you get such massive hitpoints on a T3 thrall? What is she?

@WhatMightHaveBeen is currently running a test on the worst NPC he could find and taking him through dungeons that the thrall “shouldn’t” be able to do. It’s pretty interesting seeing how useful a bad thrall can be when guided by a good player. They’ll never be as good a thrall as the meta thralls, but they can be “good enough”, and really that’s what I had in mind when I made this thread.

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Well, it’s a good thing someone else than me does this test, then. My game has some tweaked difficulty settings for my own benefit, so I wouldn’t get accurate empirical evidence that would be applicable to official servers.

Lol. As long as you’re happy with your setup, just keep trucking along. On the testlive server I’ve got a T3 bearer that I’m using as my primary travel companion. They don’t do the damage that other classes do, but their HP pool is big enough that it evens out. I farmed the Summoning Place 5 times yesterday hoping to find a Yog Archpriest (only saw T1’s). Went in back to back, just waiting nearby for them to respawn. I had her set to max distance and attack everything with truncheon as her only weapon. Even after her food ran out, I never saw her HP drop below 6k.

It is a Tier 8 Fighter, Cold Embrace Empyrus Knight from Age of Calamitous. They need the high HP because the bosses in the mod would one shot some of the other thralls shown in this thread (they can hit for a little more than 2500).

They have a 3.7 melee dmg modifier. Little more than Lian, slightly less than Dalinsia. Though after next week’s patch it will be substantially more. Modded thralls will likely be unaffected.

Ah, okay. She had a T3 thrall’s Agility armor modifier so that’s why I thoughht she was a T3. But I guess the mod won’t scale armor modifiers in the same way as hitpoints, or it might stack the armor up to invulnerable levels.

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