Found an awesome thrall

Randomly ran into her while raiding for resources. :grin:


There was a time when she was, with Cimmerian Berserk, one of the strongest fighters in the game…

She is Always one of the coolest anyway :wink:


Yeah, she probably is the strongest in my game since I don’t plan on going to volcano. At least not until the AI can go there without dying randomly.:sweat_smile:

You can capture the Bandit leader in Sepermeru. :wink:

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Nice job! I have tested her very thoroughly, and strongly suggest you equip her with upmodded Telith’s Lament* and any good-looking shield. Give her your very best heavy armor. I have my tanned thrasher in Epic Yamatai, in silver, white and light blue.

* I’m sentimental on the Kinscourge gear. Any high-HP 1-handed sword. Flawless Starmetal sword/board looks amazing on her with this armor combo.


@zerog, let me say now Sepermeru is no more a low level area :wink:

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I really enjoy that FC has made it to where certain thralls use certain weapons more effectively. Dalinsia + love tap = Night night (She knocked out silent legion ALL POWERFUL Vathis in 3-4 hits)


Haven’t been there yet. Is he better than the berserkers?

Berserkers are beasts with knockouts too. :grin:
I almost had one die on me against a dire wolf, but they’re still my favorites so far.

Today is turning into my best Conan day I ever, I found and mined my first star metal meteor too!


Thanks! I think I’ll make her a commander.:grin:

Cimmerian berserker 5k hp, bandit leader 7.4 hp so yeah.

Even if, to be honest, for now best of all are the t4 bearers:

  • 9.9k hp
  • they now seem to perform heavy combo with weapons
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