Best fighters today?


which of the fighters remained at our disposal with a life force of 7450?


Technically best fighters now, according to gamepedia, are the ones from purges of votaries of skelos and relic hunters faction with 9k hp.

With 7425 hp we have the chief of bandits in Sepermeru and the Captain… But I don’t know now if he/she continue to spawn around Sepermeru or not.

In any case in one year of play I’ve game balance to be changed so many times I have a chest for each type of named thrall, to be sure to have a good selection in case of changes.

For example now all are speaking of Vathis wipe out, but I rembered when it was in my chest just because he/she was so weak (the change making it having 7.4k hp was recent)

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Best rely on volcano Hyborian T3’s.

They have a bit more HP than Cimmerian Berzerkers but as we have just been shown, everything that is good is unstable. Everything new can be reconsidered.

Volcano T3’s are perfectly fine for purge defence and dungeoneering and are something Funcom seems to have settled their minds on (hopefully)

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Bearer thralls my favorit amzadi plus crom sword or my cimmerien purge fighter animal tamer vart


Still relying on my bearers, each got a 55 damage spear. They boast 9900 HP, 78% armour and 25 slots.

They outperform me (Adventurer Blade, 40 str, level 78). Also because of the spear they can connect fast to monsters and fixate their attention.


Switched from Erii the Ravager to Naar Goatfoot and noticed a difference in attack damage (using Sword of Crom) so sticking with my bearer for now.


I have to agree with @Born2bAlive. Just try and keep a chest of captains, bandit leaders, and most other named (especially 9k bearers right now) fighters because it seems to change patch to patch recently.


It’s always fun to fight NPCs from other players that tank 100 hits and can 1-2 shot you with their sword of crom :slight_smile:


It’s gotta be the T4 Bearers.

They tank like no one’s business and pack a hurting on anything and everything.

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