Cimmerian Berserker LVL 20, the best perks I have ever had :)

And with redeemed legion paudron (with stolen T4 armorer), godbreaker grips, the rest exeptionnal cimmerian steel. Weapon (stolen) sword of crom 127/22.

This one is good :slight_smile:


He needs a name. Otherwise he’ll just be another random Berserker like… looks at the OP’s username

Oh. Nevermind.

Lucky stat growth chances, too. The Berserkers I’ve recruited tend towards 55 - 65 % in Strength and Vitality, 40 - 45 in Agility, and 80+ in Survival.


was he only fed gruel?

Yeah those are great perks and percentage increase rates. That is a beast! which is what I would call him. But what weapon would you put in his hands? I tend to go for legendary one handed maces.
But recently found a Bane of Khosatral Khel, which has strength bonus. I just like it, but I think maces are better. Probably Aja’s bane or Nortis.

Beastmaster is a much better thrall imho. Leveling is much easier and his health gain per point is far superior, plus he has a damage multiplier almost on par.

And then when you fight them:

yes only gruel.
I take 4 berserker and level up only the one with best strating % in strength and vitality.
On official pvp.

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