Cimmerian Berserkers

Does the Cimmerian Berserker get berserk rage after falling below 25% health?

No, but they are tough though.

They’re a bag of fun with the new overhead swing :see_no_evil:

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U should try Daikas :slight_smile:

I havent even seen a Cimmerian Berserker in months now. :confused:

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I hadn’t either, then i got 1 shot because i was naked in his patrol area. Still didn’t see him technically. In inventory menu swapping gear for a run up north, next thing I know I am in the re-spawn loading screen :slight_smile:


Perhaps there was a nerf to their spawn rate? I used to see them up on Stargazers Crest every other day, but not for some time now. Interesting. Can you recall where you where you were when he shot you WMHB?

I was walking in the pond area below the herbal tea/meaty mashup recipe in the mounds main city.

I see them all the time on testlive in the Mounds area/city. Heck, I’ve been able to get 14 for thralls. 10 are in a box, so to speak. I’ve also left a handful unconscious and killed at least a dozen more.

lol every stinkin’ time I go for that recipe recently. Schlingg!!

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There is always 1 berserker that spawns at the east side in the water below the mounds of the dead. The rarer thing is getting them to spawn as female. Spent 7 hours killing males to finally get a female


Ok then I am going for it little look see today. I have been trying to replace mine for months now, ever since Ladagara daughter of Ymir sent my previous one to meet Crom. Thankyou kindly for the advice gentlemen.

I dont know if Testlive has different parameters or not. If not it seems that either you are very lucky, or I am very unlucky. I have been choping up the denizens of the Mounds of the Dead regularly in the search for one.

@Croms_Faithful i just tames 5 from the mounds of the dead. Near the centre of the lake there is a small gathering area and about 6 thralls are on top the cliff, it has a wooden bridge going across to it. This is where i like to farm thralls and berserkers, there was also a zerka wondering around below this area in the water.

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@Croms_Faithful , the Cimmerian Beserker spawn in the water on the north-east side of the Mounds, B-C 11. Each time I go there, i play solo / coop, I meet one. More often a man than woman, though.

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75% man, 25% woman.

Spawn is fix, but Berserker sometimes fight skeletons in the area.
If you dont see him/her, just stay still and listen… you should hear the fight.


Unfortunately no new Cimmerian Berserker yet folks. But its just a matter of time Im sure. Ill do a follow up upon acquisition.


Just a quick check if your playing on an official server or one with mods as they can interfere with what spawns if not updated

yes, sometimes they gank the zerker and he dies
i’ve seen that

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But you play single player offline or? It should respawn when you leave the area…

Very strange. Got 2 female over this weekend, but only killed the lake spot ~4 times. So had good luck (was just refreshing my mounds of the dead base).

@Cyryus Yeah, the skeletons wipe the floor with the Berserker… Which I find really strange.

A recent test actually turned out to show that the berserker does the most damage compared to otger fighter thralls, even more then volcano thralls. The only downside compared to volcano thralls like, daicas the sharp, kisthis fleshtearer or eri the ravager is the HP. Berserkers have 5850 hp i beleive and volcano fighters or relic hunter treasure seekers have 7425hp and do only a tiny bit less damage then berserkers so most people prefer volcano thralls or relic hunter treasure seekers.