Cimmerian Berserker

I’m play on official 3033, me and my clan were looking for cimmerian berserker at the mounts of the dead for about 2 hrs, but he never spawn. Has the spawn point changed?

Not to my knowledge.

Would it be possible that it has been blocked?

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Did you check stargazers, right above the mounds?

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there´s a fixed spawn for them on mounds, if he is not there may the spawn was blocked, even if there are not a bulding over the spawn, a simple piece of building next enough can block it, even if it is above the spawn like a bridge.

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It is also possible for the local wights to kite the berserker away. They will not respawn if they are not dead, but the next server restart will put them back.

There’s a huge building near the mounts, lots of wheel of pain. Could this be blocking the spawn point? But the npc’s up in the village are all still there.
I’ll check stargazers later.

It would have to be about a hundred feet from the spawn point to block it. Someone on my server built real close to there, and then set some thralls out, which kept killing it. They were right on top of his spawn. I knew he was still spawning because I found him fighting this idiots thralls.
But to answer your original OP, no the spawn point has NOT changed.


Besides the guaranteed 'zerker spawn, there at least four other possible spawns where a T3 Cimmerian fighter, Dalisina or a 'zerker might spawn. Keep clearing the Mounds and Stargazers Crest and one will show up pretty soon.

On my dedicated server, the client sometimes freezes when I’m dragging a thrall on my horse. When this happens, that thrall is just gone and does not respawn until I reset the server.
Not sure if this happens on official servers, though.

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Sometimes, though often it’s somewhere nearby. If it disappears, I may return to that area in a bit and sometimes it may be there walking around.

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When I use the maproom while dragging thralls they disappear. I used to think they were gone but they are still actually there, and I just had to put them on the wheel.

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Yeah, that’s been fixed. I was actually referring to their comment about freezing and disconnecting. When that happens, more often than not, the thrall is dropped (one time I actually was still pulling it?). However, sometimes it actually disappears, but usually it’s just dropped nearby.

I found him, he was up on the platform. I was wondering because he used to always spawn down by the water between the rocks.


There is 1 zerk spawn in the lake of the mounds of the dead. Static always there. From the port head NE in the water. You should come upon a zerk. Since my Wheal was at stargazers crest. |I dragged him up there, then farmed Del and Zerks. But always guarenteed spawn in the lake of the mounds.


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