Captain sepermeru

Since they have updated the city I seem to be unable to find the captain. Does he still spawn?

I believe he is gone.

That being said the bandit leader is almost the same when it comes ton stats although he or she tends to use 1 handed weapons over 2 handed weapons.

But they have the Same HP and seems to have the same level of damage output.

I am not sure this helps you.

I tested several Captains and Bandit Leaders last weekend, and they all seem to be competent with all types of weapons now. Spears, two-handed swords, axes, maces, one-handed swords, daggers - they can use them all. I didn’t test bows.

They bumped the hitpoints of Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers (found in the Unnamed City) up to match those of the Captain and the Bandit, too.

In my tests I discovered that some fighter thralls (including these T4 “unnamed named” thralls) sometimes won’t fight with certain weapons on first try, but if you put them on guard and shuffle their weapons around, they’ll figure it out eventually. My Dalinsia forgot how to use Lovetap when I gave her a two-handed sword, but after I took her back home and let her rest for a while, then gave her Lovetap back, she went to KO the whole Mounds of the dead just like her usual former self. Now she seems happy to swing a two-handed sword too.


Yeah it’s a bit buggy at the moment but works well enough. When my thrall forgets how to use weapons I remove all weapons and wait until she punches stuff. After that I give her a weapon back, and then she goes wild with it. It’s all that PTSD from pushing the wheel.


Yeah, I kept swapping her weapon, might of glitched her, once they get benched for a bit they return to normal

I can’t find Captain either. As said, he&she were replaced with the new Bandit Leader it seems.

On the fight bug, I don’t know if there is a problem with their locked and hidden Stamina or what. They want to fight, they get ready for it but they don’t swing. They will kick though and that tells me there is an issue with their stamina system.

I as well have yet to see the captain. That being said, he’s still active in the admin panel, meaning he has not been removed from the game. I’m wondering if he’s just going to spawn in the purge along with the 2 T4 archers (relic_hunter_archer_4_). Before the anniversary update, when I would get purged by Relic Hunters, on occasion those T4 archers were in there. Best in game at the time along with the 2 from the Volcano. Anyways, all that to say, I wonder if he was moved to the purge.

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Still in admin panel, and also still present in the game if one happens to own one from before they disappeared.

But with the recent announcement that Vathis is getting nuked (months after he stopped being captureable), nothing feels safe. So I urge Funcom to sit down and figure out who and what we’re allowed to capture, and fix it once and for all. It undermines confidence in the game when you don’t know whether you’re doing something ‘illegal’ and your thralls can go poof.

ETA: for the record, the emissaries with 40k hit points are quite obviously broken, so I’m not talking about those - but to be fair, the bug could’ve been the HP rather than the ability to capture them. Eh, a bit devil’s advocate that one I admit.


from what i have gathered, the captain is now a purge fighter.

Isn’t that just people guessing? Or is there official word on the matter?

Either way, the captain was never a dialog NPC, a boss or by any means easy to obtain besides its 100% spawn chance which is not unheard of (e.g. Chieftans), hence see no reason to be added to the list.

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you words are so true, they should really sit and think, because i think they do not realize how they harm their own game. i cannot imagine all players who played thousand of hours of conan and never come to funcom forum (yes most of people just play and dont come here) that will find one morning that their valthis they have been able to make survive for so long will disapear with the epic gear & rare weapon you gave to him. i can easily imagine the reaction…

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