Seppemaru and the Captain

Does the Captain still spawn at all in the Relic Hunter city? If not does the Captain still spawn at all? (I really do hope that this thrall wasn’t removed from the spawn tables entirely…)

I would also love to know as he has (The Captain) not shown and I have been checking everyday for him or her but no dice.

Captain haven’t been seen yet, but in addition we got the bandit leaders that has the same hp as the captain.

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And a broader selection of weapon skills too.

Still in the data table, whether it still has a spawn though? Dunno yet.

Perhaps someone from Funcom has the answer?

I’ll know once I do my Thrall rounds. I do a devkit analysis of Thrall spawns to check for bugs every major patch. Part of that is I will need to check the map itself within the devkit for the Thrall spawnpoints too (which is the only way to view them). It takes time for me to do all of that though, but as long as I remember I’ll let this thread know after I figure it out.


(Replying to myself like a pro…)

I just went and tested the good ol’ Captain, and she fought effectively with all weapons I put in her hands - spear, axe, mace, one-handed sword, daggers. I wonder if thralls are starting to learn how to fight with whatever weapons we give them. Will test more.

On test live it looks as though the captain was removed and it made it to live.

That being said the Bandit Leader is pretty much the same. Same HP and same combat skills. I tried him With a 2 hander and 1 handers. He gets the job done just like the captain.

Even so there is still the atheistic consideration as I’m sure some players would prefer to have a thrall named “Captain” to one named “Bandit Leader” as their T4 body guard… (As well as the OCD players that might want one of every named thrall only to find out they can’t have that without cheating.)

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Not everyone likes the volcano, no matter how good it is for getting thralls. Being one of those people myself, I much prefer Sepermeru for thrall hunting and haven’t even been to the volcano on any of my newer characters.

So, any news regarding the Captain would be appreciated.

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Since people seem to be extra interested in this one, I cheated and skipped ahead. My full report won’t be done for a day or two yet, but I did a full map sweep of the Sepemeru area. Intentional or otherwise, the Relic Hunter Captain is currently not on the map in Sepemeru.

There is still an entry for it in the data table, so either it’s been moved, unintentionally/intentionally removed (I kind of doubt it was intentional since it’s still in the data table), or they have other future plans while they go through the various revamps of the areas.


That and because not everyone has a wheel up in there… (On account of people claiming all the build-able land up in there so they can have their wheels up there…)

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