Purge: what do you think about it and what do you want from it?

Holy shit, dude wrote a whole PhD thesis hahahahahaha

Edit: Just read the post and I agree with every single topic.

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Already exist. Especially Berserker purges and accursed are coming with demon fire orbs! Not to mention that the Berserkers do the hell more damage on your structures with a single swing, do not thing that their punching on bricks is Harmless. You don’t want a Berserker purge unprepared, they will wipe you better than an admin.

Before i start, @Bodin i still didn’t read your post, i believe it’s very interesting and i will need my time to read it later on.
But i will definitely read it.

Now. Purge! This is my dream.
Purge for me is one of the most important mechanics of the game and especially in official servers should be extremely punishing. After lvl 60 purge must be devastating and finish with an avatar that lasts 2 minutes. This way players would really neeed to fix vaults around a temple and create bubble to protect their belongings from the avatar. Again i will praise the name of @DelRioServerMaster for the idea of the avatar purge.
This way the religion farming will gain a meaning in pve.

Purge meter should have no way to be avoided and must never go down unless the purge happens. Most people create clan, leave clan, clear the purge line and start from the beginning with the same name on clan. No penalties and purge meter zero. THIS must be fixed. Then, some others, play in different multiple servers, just to drop down the purge line and return. No, the purge meter must not go down.

Purge “power” must follow building pieces and followers numbers. So the more i have the greatest strike i get and after lvl 60 avatar purge as well.
Priests that striked by an avatar must die, after the end of the avatar timer.

Release purges from crafters!
Purges should have no other meaning than WAR, people get confused with crafter farming and gain a dilemma and this dilemma makes them have casualties on purges. A purge should have only enemies for kill not for capture. If you want to reward a player with fantastic warriors or fantastic crafters place them in the dead body of the avatar rng based. For every dead avatar 2 warriors, 2 archers 2 crafters and one named priest. This way the effort of creating a religion and all this grinding will have a purpose. People will gain their war and will be rewarded from it. People will push their lvling and love the fighting skills of their toon. People on purges must not be bearers, must be fighter heroes that saved their population, so no loot except the avatar one.
The game provides catapults, so we need AI on catapults. We need thralls that use the catapults in time of purge. The signal will start with my first arrow and the npcs in range will be striked by my catapults.
Give me war!
That’s my dream!


Agreed. I think T3 building mats should be immune like their description says. HOWEVER i think placeables (and that includes doors) are not. and should be able to be destroyed.

To me, this is exactly how decay should actually work. The decay timers don’t go to your building just poofing out of existence but triggering purges. Your decay timer should be something that increases your chance of getting a purge.

Totally agree

Disagree. I don’t believe there should be a tangible reward. Maybe some part of the main plot to take the bracelet off (you have to get purged to complete the game). My problem with rewards with purges is what I used to do. There was a reason I set up in the jungle eons ago. It was one of the best places to maximize human purges and so it was literally thrall delivery for me. I just had to stock fighters and the crafters would just rain from heaven.

This I totally agree with.

I really like the idea of adding an Avatar to a top level purge. Totally agree. (Wished I’d thought of that)

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Wouldnt harder purges just result in more multi bases so clans can move their valuables before it starts?

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People will just build bases without accessible doors.

If you mean base how it functions in toto, youre right we cant mod it. But we can adjust what shows up where in what waves, which is pretty darn flexible. We can also make our own bp’s to do things using our own criteria, just not by repurposing the existing purge code. I guess it kind of depends on how far you want to go “modding it”. Multi’s ambushes are a good example. Its kind of like a mini purge that could happen anywhere and if it spawned purge thralls would he a hassle for bases.

I meant exactly what I typed :stuck_out_tongue: so the first one pretty much

Well… I guess what you typed in the pure sense is inaccurate then. You can mod purges. My question naturally follows because it sounds like you want full control over the purge system, not just the ability to mod it.

Why do you do this?.. like… just move along :smiley:
What I said is that the purge mechanic… the way it works… is NOT included in the devkit… that is a fact… it’s not some subjective thing to nitpick about… I’m really not interested in any arguments about this… I typed a line, which btw is a bit off-topic here. I have absolutely zero plans to hijack this thread and make it into some modding discussion… other than the initial line I typed there.
If it somehow makes you feel better believing that I’m incorrect, then more power to you :man_shrugging:

Now it’s your time my friend, i knew it in my bones that i will read something I really like so let’s begin :metal:.

Until they change the animations, please chew harder.

Yes, but it’s a double side blade here. People who choose to build on top of everything should not be “purge proof”.
So build there yes, but you won’t avoid purge. It’s a choice a player that must make. Don’t forget that people build up there just because they want the purge to hit inside, they don’t care about sticks and stones, all they care is to have a prisoned purge and all the time they need to farm slowly the npcs they need.
(of course i do not speak about the bugged purges that shouldn’t spawn in)

This is another good reason for purges to spawn in.

Unfortunately in official servers it’s only one level, 6. Especially in Siptah all my damn purges are accursed, ALL OF THEM :pensive:.
I have grow tired of Siptah purges because of it.
In exile lands purges are awesome, you gain different kind of purges and you feel really good for building in different places of the map. Hopefully surges save the situation!

To your suggestions i am all in except the fact of climbing npcs. I agree with spider climbing, but no anticlimb should work on them either.
Yet i don’t find this necessary, because it’s smarter to destroy the bottom foundation and bring down the wall to create a breach. Now the AI of the purge should “read” the breach and send all the power in this breach… Oh mama!

Thank you Bodin :metal:

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I’m just stating facts. No nitpicking at all. We have the ability to do our own purge mechanics and adjust waves if we like.

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Okay, well I was clearly talking about the mechanic itself and not customizing it, else I would’ve said “change the waves” and I would not have said that it’s not in the devkit…

Obviously I was talking a blueprint version of the very purge controller that triggers the original purges so you could alter the target choosing, the pathing timeout or whether or not they spawn in bases and which bases they raid etc… and fix some of the issues Codemage presented in the other thread for example. so modding the purge itself… meaning the mechanic, not the glitter on it and changing the NPCs they bring along.

And I’m sorry, I just got the impression that it was very clear to you what I meant and you were just trying to argue for the sake of it.

Gotta disagree with this. Some people prefer to avoid purges altogether. the purge’s reward is unique thralls often times. Most people only like purges for the thrall farming, not the nuisance of a pointless beast purge or similar. To impose an unavoidable purge is pretty lame, especially if you’re like me and have purges at inconvenient times. My “punishment” for avoiding a purge is not getting unique thralls, not to be stuck with a perpetual purged meter I can’t lower. This is why I recommend the implementation of a convergence trap on EL. Most people let the purges ride, rather than avoid them, so having a way to remove it does not take away the “fun.” Especially when you can trigger it at your convenience instead. I disagree with forcing it upon those that choose not to have it. Some like to battle purges, some don’t. So long as we play by the rules, you shouldn’t tell someone to play the way you want them to, and neither should Funcom if they want to keep their player base happy. If you want a purge, great. Just because you want it, doesn’t mean everyone feels the same way.


You do very well :blush:, all the opinions must be placed after consideration. If things were going my way lots of my friends wouldn’t play this game :rofl:.
You must understand that i love the building community too, that’s why i ask building servers and performance servers. The builders of this game deserve their own servers, no other game i know can be so creative and complete in the building aspect. But that’s a purge conversation and what you read is My dream, what I want to see from purges. :heart:

I would prefer a surge type purge where some portal opens next to your base and drops magically addled /disoriented creatures in proximity to the largest player made installations, rather than connected to a purge bar mechanic.

Build big, expect purges.

Build bigger, expect longer duration and more dangerous purges irrespective of map location.

The mission of the purge creatures should be to breach the structure, then sack resource stores and eat thralls / crafting thralls. After the thralls are gone, then the structure is attacked.

Each purge level must have some sort of siege mechanic, not basic attacks doing building damage.

Special crafter/warrior thralls should not be the prize. It should be materials related to sorcery (that brought them through the portal), including sorcerous skulls and demonic creature remains.

Another issue I have with the current purge mechanic is that there is no global environmental marker that one is happening. It should not be a private event. A surge marker / sky visual should be part of the experience.

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Id like rare T4 thralls with recipes that only they can provide, not available through normal T4 thralls

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That was my concern as well until I realized that if we have Purges that actually use siege weapons (like they’re supposed to), Purge trebs ought to quickly reduce a base to rubble without ever having to set foot inside it. Maybe Purges need to be able to siege at x10 the damage a player can do (to compensate for their questionable “intelligence”.)


And bat gliding sorcerers bombers with demon fire orbs​:heart_eyes:. I would definitely build a base on a ruin top again just for this. My last purge in a build like this was behind Den in a pvp server. The jhebbal sag cultists spawned on the roof of this base. The purge was awesome, however it was a pvp server and the purge destroyed some anticlimbing fences and i didn’t notice it. So no matter how happy i was that i had named priest and crafters when i logged out, the next day i logged in at the desert :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
It was a private server and raid off was not allowed, but i may have logged out at the time they were climbing at the base.
No system works properly, so i asked nothing from it, i accept it as my mistake. Like i said a million times in here, if you don’t like to spawn in desert, don’t play pvp. So all good.

@Xevyr, in the Thrall topic you made a reference that @Taemien noticed it about the purge mechanism and the purpose of it. I find it 1000% accurate, i totally agree :+1:t6:.

Purges are a mechanic to destroy your bases, not a catering service delivering you thralls

I really wish they will become this way one day!

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Feel like the purge mechanic needs a update . Like some new factions and some unique rewards for each faction , actually giving you a reason to care about the purge system , example if you get a silent legion purge you could get skeleton warriors as a reward .

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