[bug] Purge not happening in Single Player

So I downloaded the Testlive client over night. I copied my single player game in. Everything works now which is nice. ie my whole based didn’t disappear like it did the previous attempt before the last update.

However the Sever setting were defaulted which meant I had a full Purge meter. The Purge was set to default max level 6 up to 24 a day with restricted times set between 6 and 10. So I loaded my game at 5:45 prepared a bit and I’ve been waiting… The game has crashed twice. Just completely locking up. No error code just totally locked and unresponsive required it to be closed through windows.

Since 6:40 I have not had a crash I had one at 6:05pm and one at 6:33pm. The game has been loaded and I’ve had sand storms but no Purge has ever been started. I’ve checked the game every 10-15 minutes as I’m tabbed out (I can see the game with my web browser windowed) There has never been a purge icon or a purge notice. That I’m aware of at least.

It seems like either the purge tried and failed and the purge meter didn’t change… (ie one of the lock ups) or the Purge notice came while I was AFK and went to a southern base but because AI doesn’t work If I’m not there it glitched out and never happened and just went away… I think that is less likely, I suspect the first wave would “spawn” and just do nothing until I got there.

The Purge is set to last 30 minutes so I should have seen a notification on my Map. Or my Purge meter drop if it wasn’t happening in my current location.

So it would seem the purge for single player is a bit broken with pre-existing games. Please tell me that when this super patch comes out I won’t have to abandon 150+ hours of work.

Reproduction steps as people seem confused as to if I’m reporting a bug or asking for help.

1 Start game Single Player specifically
2 Purge settings at default or with larger threshold with or without time restrictions
3 Play until purge meter is about 1/3-1/2 full
4 Create a Clan which resets purge meter
5 fill purge meter

No purge should occur.

I am in the process of testing this in my SP game. I am letting the purge meter fill normally with the default settings.

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Unless you saw your Purge metere reset to 0, this probably didn’t happen.

I understand your worry, but no, I do not think you will need to start over (Funcom has been adamant that all patches after May 8th, 2018 wouldn’t require any sort of required wipe). Sounds like it just needs some more work still. Thanks for the descriptive report here :slight_smile:

It may be worth you visiting each base and looking at the purge readout in the event log.

Well there is only 2. a small one at the river and a primary one near the Hand of the Maker. Both are untouched. I’m 99% sure no purge happened.

What concerns me is that a new game may not be impacted but instead the change when it goes live could impact games in progress. Which could also theoretically impact live servers.

My purge meter has not changed in anyway. It is Fully maxed out.

Now there is a secondary issue. As I wanted time to build I set my purge threshold in the live game to 124,500 in the Testlive settings as I just copied over the game db the server and keybinding were 100% default. Which is 42,000.

This alteration is the only thing I can think of that may have impacted. When I have time tomorrow I will adjust the threshold as was suggested in another thread so that I am below the purge threshold and allow it to bump over and see if that fixes it. As I can totally see the sudden impact of the threshold having about a 40,000 point over flow could mess it up. However with the patch getting close I wanted to get out there just in case while I keep testing.

ok having lowered the threshold, gone through and did the dregs… (by the wtf level 50 and skeletons were un fun and annoying) killed the croc in Gallmans tomb. etc I am over the threshold now… I’ve also removed the time restrictions. it’s been 30-40 minutes still no purge notification. I’m going to let it go a bit long and then I will edit.

It really is looking like the purge just won’t start in my game at all.

In my newly created single player game I did my testing on, I was having stubborn purges too and couldn’t get it to trigger either. Was going to try it again tonight.

But basically, I am all but certain it’s not a connection between your established game and purges not doing their thing since I’m seeing the same thing on a newly created one.

At any rate, I appreciate your continued efforts and descriptive reports. The Purge is of particular interest to me, so test test test!


Now if @Ignasi or someone can pass it along as this is a Purge heavy patch… having it not work is a bad thing.

It is don’t worry :slight_smile: Just keep those reports coming as much as you think can be helpful.

Here a question that may sound strange, did you use admin in you games ?

I try also test purge still again, this on testlive-server and singleplayer. On server, meter increase, but when log-in with admin, it shut down to 0 again. This on server.
May it also have some impact on singleplayer, like freezing a purge-function or such ?

Other thing, i hardly could trigger purge alone, what is definitevely the case in singleplayer.
On server, alone it’s very unlikely to get a purge in my experience. This change immediately when other players join the game.

I did use the Admin panel but only after about an hour without the purge happening.

You might lower the Purge meter trigger value, 63000 is way to high for solo play, you need a lot of activities.
try setting it to about 15.000

Well that is lowered I had it at 124,500 in my live game. At 42,000 the bar was filled and the over flow was too. I build a lot and level slow. So I raised it up to be just a sliver from crossing the line. Did the dregs, and killed the croc with a scourge stone and that put me over the limit. When after an hour of not seeing a purge I went out scouted some camps, slaughtered everyone on the pirate ship and all the camps around it. Purge meter went up even more. Still no purge. In all I played for about 3 hours without ready to go and got no purge. On top of the time yesterday with the purge meter overflow maxed out.

So in live I have about 62,000 threshold points and I’m only level 51. I’m only just preparing to go farm named thralls. which is why I set it really high. As I wanted to have the purge happen once I was prepared at my main base. 155+ hours in my live game and i’m only just level 51. I play slow.

Hey there,

Thanks for the heads-up, we’ll send your report to our team and they’ll look into it. :slight_smile:

Still thinking it’s more a problem of beeing alone, as solo player if you want, cause i have similar issues still on my server.
Today went to the north, Mounds of Dead, built there a bigger base out of black-ice. Set up a pen, a slave-wheel, then went to the mounds, grabed some thralls.
Meter is still at same point as when i logged hours before.


I play single player on Xbox One and I get a purge every couple of hours. The main things that I found out are that the last two settings in the purge menu are counter-intuitive. Where most sliders in the game increase your chances for whatever outcome as you move towards the right, these two increase your chances if you slide them towards the LEFT.

The Purge Meter Trigger value is the number of points needed to be eligible for a purge (it still rolls to see if you get one or not so the bar can be almost to the right and you still might roll a “no”). Think of this one as a shot glass on the left and a glass pitcher on the right. To be eligible for a purge, you need to fill the container with water. Obviously, you will need much less “water” to fill the container to be eligible for a purge by selecting the shot glass than you would if you selected the pitcher.

The last one, the purge meter update interval, basically tells the game how often to check for a purge. I believe this is in minutes so according to your screenshots, your settings are set for 15 min intervals. Mine is set at 4 min intervals. Increasing the frequency that the game checks for purges should help you finally get one.

Sometimes resetting the purge has helped me in the past. I deselect “enable purge” and after closing the admin panel, I sometimes get a message that some creatures or tribe has been defeated (I don’t always get this message). It is weird because I don’t have a purge marker on my map and it doesn’t seem like I have a purge going on—no damage to structures, etc. Then I log out of the game to the Xbox Dashboard. Then I relog back into my single player game and then recheck “enable the purge”. Usually, purges begin to work fine after this reset for me.

Hope this helps you out.

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Yes, thank you for the informative post. However, in all scenarios we describe, our Purge bars are all full. In my case, my Purge interval is set to 1 for testing purposes.

I’ll try some of your other tricks to see about getting it to pop, however the ideal thing would be not have to do do any tricks at all. Though for testing on testlive, it’s acceptable as it’s good for testing purposes and ironing out issues.

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While very informative particularly to anyone not aware of these options. As they aren’t exactly intuitive. If you have it set for 24 purges a day and only a 4 hour interval and you are playing that full interval and there is no purge for multiple days it is likely there is something else happening.

In test live I actually had the interval set to 5 for well over an hour closer to 90 minutes for that very reason. It should have run in the two days I was testing about 25 checks As the only player in the game a purge (if working correctly on PC Test live) should have occurred.

I haven’t hit my Live client threshold yet though I’m very very close.

I have been doing a lot of purge testing on my dedicated server. There are two of us on that server, but 2 out of my 4 purges have happened when I was the only one on the server at the time.

Those last two settings: 25,000 and 5. As I was reading in the Purge 101 sticky post, in Players Helping Players, the last setting (5) is how frequently all the purge meter increasing events get aggregated. That small number makes it go up much faster than the large number. So think of it this way… if you (or your clan) is actively doing stuff, your meter ticks up every 5 minutes, or every 10 minutes (if set to 10), etc.

Two things worth knowing:

  1. just sitting idle and doing absolutely nothing, the meter will rise. I logged in 2-3 hours ago and have been completely idle and my meter is up to 15% from zero.

  2. Being logged out makes your meter fall. With my meter settings of 25k and 5, I lose about 30% of a meter in a 12hr period of being offline. This is far too fast and I have another thread discussing this, so they are aware.

I’m thinking that the fast drop on my end is possibly faster than normal, because my update interval is at 5. A possible solution for me or other solo clans would be to set a very small meter trigger value and a high update interval. Say something like 1000 and 30.

A while back, I used to set my purges for a specific time window and it was really hard to get purges to fire off, even with maxed out purge bars. Now I do no time window at all, but require at least 1 player be active and up to 5 purges a day. The second my purge meter hits the purge line, I get a purge warning. Every time without fail now. Please try this in your single play ad see what happens?

I have a screenshot of my purge settings in this post of you want to replicate:

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Ok I test extensively with setting. I spent time with it just set at a time, I’ve had it set without restrictions.

I’ve had it set at 5 and 15. I’ve lowered the threshold. I have played with the settings. I have given it time. Several people have reported not seeing purges in single player. Not private server but in single player. I’ve read the Wiki, I’ve read the Purge 101 I’ve searched the forums. This isn’t a situation where I don’t know how the purge works. This is a situation that in Test live I have not been able to get it to trigger with extensive testing and tweaking.