State of the Purge : reply for the Dev Stream

So I watched the Dev Stream - you stated the purge was “working” … but on larger servers since so many players ( clans ) its less likely you will get it…

THIS is not the problem with the purge at all… My clan has has the purge pop up at least hmm 10 times in a month… here is the problem with the purge…

  1. when it pops up, 90% of the time it instantly ends. Some say this is due to if your base is on a cliff… but we have a base that is directly on the ground and up on the cliff… there for there is area for it to be attack… and amazing has been attacked ONCE…
  2. When it pops and the raid happens, it says they are regrouping… then it just ends…
  3. Purge meter never resets ( not that it matters since the purge doesn’t work )

— its easy to start up the purge and watch your base get attack on single player or a private server… private servers tend to be more friendly environments so bases are build all nice and neat out in the open. REAL players playing the game on pvp servers build their bases in ways to avoid being raided… and those players are more then likely the ones saying the purge is broken… because… it is broken.


we are real players at official PVE servers, that bases are built in the open, and happens what you just described …

gets triggered, then ends saying you survived.

SO NO, it is not working… and it is broken…


well sad to hear its on the pve servers as well lol… them saying in the dev stream “it is working” just made me raise an eyebrow


I don’t have the Purge message during 3 weeks ) So I will glad to see the message at least xD


well… it is not, the guy at the dev stream openly LIED to all of us… when he said purges are working.

we are at official server #1930. and it is NOT working, cant understand why they dont admit it…


Who are the not real players?

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It’s a PVPer mentality, if you don’t enjoy mindlessly getting ganked in 5v1 battles on a constant basis, you’re not a real player. :roll_eyes:

Similar to the “you’re not a real man if you don’t… - Insert whatever rеtаrded ideology as to what constitutes a real man here-”

but anyway yeah from everything that I’ve heard from comments and comments from developers not just Community managers at least on Twitter is that the purge isn’t so much broken, it does work in some instances, it just doesn’t work right.

And this is information coming directly from your creative director. Your creative director who in fact got a little irritated that someone who quoted devs as saying The Purge was working intended.

Now while it might be remiss to say that the purge is broken because because that’s not exactly true. However to say that the purge works is also not exactly true.

Would be better for you to say that it works but it is not working as intended.

See this is the point where I was trying to relay to you in another forum post about how you guys falsely represent this game. You see something like The Purge and you hear probably people in house say it works it just doesn’t work right and the only thing you take from that and the only thing that you bring to your live stream is it works.

Just like your live streams close to launch. You showed us an absolutely PERFECT game., but if course all game developers do this… No one highlights the problems their game still has. They only show you what’s polished. Except the difference between you guys Jens and everyone else, is that all those polished things are still polished in the launched version of the game in most other games. When it comes to you guys however… It’s like there’s two versions. There’s the perfect version you have that’s highly fine tuned that you play in your live stream, and then there’s the buggy lagged out broke version everyone else bought.

But you sat and told me you didn’t think you guys had ever sold a game under false pretenses. Well there’s a first time for everything buddy, you did… and you’re still doing it. Seriously it does not bode well for you guys to get on and blatantly lie about something that all of the rest of us know is simply not true. NOT a smart move.

The purge does not work right. Period.


Hey zaphieon

So you watched the dev Stream today ! I did try and get across to them that it was not working and I feel the same as you that they blatantly lied about the Purge working when its very clear it is not .

In the stream my self and 5 others kept messaging them on twitch that it is not working they did answer partly in the stream after we kept spamming them , BUT then they came out and LIED !!!

I did try and explain it more to them that it was not working after they lied but they would just keep deleting my messages and done the same to my members as well , they would get 5 min ban from chatting :frowning:

I did try to get an answer for my self and my community but just be careful dude because they might start banning us on here as well LOL

I think its very poor on there part to do this to the community that has been supporting them .

I did make a post on the forums as well here : Purge Settings for PVE Server

But not had any response yet .

Good luck dude Kojak

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I’ve had a full purge meter the past 2 weeks, haven’t seen a purge in those two weeks.

I’ve had 2 purges total since launch.

The first I was attacked by an army of imps. They never showed up. 2 minutes after the message they were coming and to prepare, they were defeated and I got my Journey step done.

The second was a cackle of hyenas. 3 werehyenas, 2 hyenas and 1 archer was the entire purge. There was no other waves. There wasn’t even a notification the purge was over, it just ended. I walked around to see if something got lost in the geometry or if the music would indicate an enemy, but nothing.

So yeah, working as intended. Mhhhhm


Purge meter has been full for me since like a week after launch and since then i’ve only gotten a handful of messages that instantly say they are defeated within a min of popping up. I have two bases currently myself that are out in the open on a PVE server. One is directly west of the Black Galleon the other is around Messenger’s Respite and neither has seen an attack at all. On our server we have only ever even had a few people report any purges and there are really no differences in their basic base designs or locations from what mine are.

They actually took about a month to reply to the guy that made the last post like this, and replied to him on twitter by stating that they were getting “conflicting feed back” about purges based on some players saying they werent working and others stating they were logging back into the game and were missing everything. They even linked a reddit post when they originally said that they were working that most of the people on there were describing similar issues to whats described here.

It’s literally just bashing our heads against a wall at this point so i hope that their wall breaks before our heads do and they lose a lot more players over their stubborness and inability to admit they made a mistake.


It was nice to catch the dev stream but we could see a lot of frustration with folks concerning the Purge system. For us, it isn’t a huge issue as we love many of the other elements and continue to play and we played before a Purge system existed (though at times, having a bit more conflict would be nice without the drama that PVP can sometimes deliver).

On our end, we are on a private server with 7 people. We have had 2 purges (1 with exiles and 1 with imps) but after the 2nd time, everyone on the server has had zero purges. All of our purge meters are all filled (we are almost all in different clans/solo) and nothing has come out of it thus far. It has been around 3 weeks or so thus far.

People have tried breaking out of clans they had originally started among other things to try to get the system to reset itself but there has been nothing that has worked thus far for us.

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when I made the statement “real players” I was referring to those that PLAY the game to play it… not streamers/content creators that play on private servers, drip feeding small adventures here and there to help hype up the game more.

also not referring to ANY of funcom’s employees that say they play it… because you can tell almost known of them know what the hell to do when they are actually in game… I have watched almost ever dev stream… when things don’t work on their end they chop it up to … well we are on the developers build… not that oh our game is not functioning right.

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Lol how lucky I do never watch dev streams, or I would have gone mad XD. Had enough with Joel Bylos teasing this theory on twitter, ignoring the instances where purge only spawns a single wave, or Tascha here, also teasing with that theory, and talking about confusing feed back.

I could drop a thousand links with Bylos comments on these, Tascha’s, my couple purge threads with 100+ reports it is broken / accurate reports contradicting this “theory”, but im tired / don’t wanna go mad again xD.

Just as you say, it is not working, I hope they don’t stick with that excuse of that is is happening to other players, when 1- the notifications should not pop if purges don’t happen, but actually, you get notifications only, and purge bar not resetting, which doesn’t have relation with their excuse of purge targetting other bases and 2-when a purge effectively spawns a single wave on your base, what? working as intended?

After reporting a couple or three of broken things, and after many many comments from me, others, devs, twitters, I know there are things which devs don’t know they are broken, or don’t even know how to fix, until we insist, insist, and insist (like the thralls killable on pve, weather system broken etc) and I am sure this is the same case.

Just hope their 500 fixes megapatch fixes this, as I can keep enjoying the game with a broken feature if they tell me they are fixing it, but if they have the balls to say it is working as intended, then I can’t stand it.

Again: OFFICIAL PVE SERVER, 250h+ played according to battlemetrics.
3 huge bases in 3 different biomes. More than 20 notification bugs, where only the notifications of purge coming / purge regrouping / purge defeated happen. With screenshots, already posted on the bug reports.
With only 2! purges that spawned A SINGLE WAVE , after that, purge regrouping, red cross disappear, no more mobs to spawn or notifications.

Really devs answer is gonna be “working as intended, it is targetting another clan”? I just hope its a wrong / failed step on their investigation, and they keep working on it until they finally fix it, even if they don’t give us the reason (“ah its true, it was not purge targetting other clans! XP” or not.

hahaha I think I am the guy XD. Yes, it took more than a month to get a reply, with 2 purge threads running here, with almost 200 replies combined. Got a “purge guy looking into it” answer. And later, Tascha’s “we got conflicting reports”, and then Bylos telling me not to put words on their mouths etc.

I’m sure he hates me (as I seen him send to hell some people -customers- with similar complains xD) but I think I am getting, with my insistence, some things fixed (all our thralls would be killable in pve if I didn’t insist like mad with it).

Maybe we are just having a linguistic argument here? Ok, the purge is not broken, if broken means it doesn’t work for anyone.

It is not working as intended for a big amount of people, can we agree on that?

PS: Now I can imagine who was that “creative director” that said on yesterdays stream the purge was working…right? He gets a little bit personal with this things!

the whole purge system is flawed and prioritize clans over solo players, even in SP the purge is triggered faster when you start a clan. i played solo on official server and had( still have) full purge bar from lvl 10 to 60, not a single purge was triggered for me. that leads to solo player starting a clan(like me) to even beeing considered as target by the purge. and that leads to the problem they were stating on stream, 200+ clans on officials, purge bugs out, no one gets a purge. it seems also dependent on the area. askin around players on my server, the major part says that the only purges they saw was in the desert area, none in the north or other areas. the only purge i saw was 2-3 days after release on a clan base and was also in the desert.

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I guess we didn’t make it clear enough on the stream : Purges do work but they need adjustments and fixes. They are working but not as intended. We also said that the team already has internal fixes that will go live ASAP. Yes, that also includes insta defeated Purges.

When we say Purges work, we say that in regard to players thinking they do not work at all mechanics wise (as in no one ever gets purged) because they might not have triggered a Purge fire them specifically. Does this make more sense now?


wow the beautiful tattoo’ed lady herself…

when you state something is working… well that basically says… its working… especially when your smiling about it when saying it.

basically atm the purges are working like a car that will start… but has not tires on it… and the car salesman says its working… the engine is there… but its not going anywhere any time soon.

but glad your acknowledge it is indeed busted and needs to be tweaked.


I really don’t understand this excuse of confusing feed back. Some people the purge works, others it does not. What’s confusing about that? Joel Bylos on Twitter specifically stated “well it can’t be both”… Uhmm obviously it can. I don’t deal with constant crashes. Other people do. It can be both. I have issues with textures taking forever to load, others don’t. It can be both. People have problems where the game won’t even start, I do not have that issue, obviously it can be both.

So why… When it comes to the purge, all of a sudden bugs, glitches, or things simply not working has to be all or nothing?

Seriously if I say I’ve played every day for a month, and my Purge meter was full from very close to the beginning and I’ve never experienced a purge… Then I haven’t. Telling me I’m wrong would basically be calling me a liar, and what developer goes around calling their players liars?

So in that instance, either the purge is working, and it’s frequency sucks a fat one. Or it’s not working, and there’s an issue that needs to be looked into.

I mean they’ve wasted so much time just trying to deliberate if the massive numbers of reports on these forums, Twitter, reddit, ect have any validity when if they’d just look into it, it would probably be fixed by now… And it boggles my mind to think that if you have this many people (regardless of whether or not that’s the only reports you get) that say they’re having problems with the purge, why would you even bother to question it? Clearly there’s some kind of issue. Clearly it’s not working as intended, unless of course your intention was to have players go for months and never see a trace of any purge.

There’s no big conspiracy here Funcom employees, we’re not just pulling your fосking leg. We say we have issues, we mean we has issues, and your game mechanic isn’t working correctly. No confusion needed.

Because a promised major feature of the game doesn’t work and people are pissed. You can’t advertise and promise something like that only for it not to work when they release the game. I think in some countries this may border on false advertising or fraud. Like someone else said, it’s like a car salesman advertising a certain feature for the car that you pay and expect to have, yet when everything is said and done, you paid for a feature you didn’t get. Why people are OK with this when it comes to video games when they would be outraged if it was for any other product type boggles my mind. Joel and friends take their customers for fools. That doesn’t jive well with me, personally.

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… sure you can… I mean thats how developers do it now a days right? Hello Games anyone?

That is how it should have been presented in the first place.

People, especially those on the internet, and gamers specifically will take you at face value. They don’t have any other option. As Joel would say “This should be obvious”.

That’s simply all you guys had to say in the live stream. “It does work, it just doesn’t work right” you could have avoided all this turmoil on the forums. You could have saved a few players who might have taken what you did say as a bold faced lie and was the last straw on this game for them. That was almost the case for me as well.

You guys have come a long way from a month ago in communication, I’ll give you that… But I’ll be dаmned if you all don’t treat this like this is your very first game ever, and we all know that’s not the case…

You all know how this is supposed to go. It’s not fooling anyone. In fact the only thing it’s doing is making you guys look inept. So let’s cut the shìt and you guys drop ‘the babe in the woods’ act.

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