Purge Is Not More Reliable In Fact Its Broken

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [EU]


Since the recent patch to purges to make them more reliable a bunch of peeps myself included have noticed the following in logs.


Logs have a start-end with a 2-3 min duration but no purge occurs and i’m in the actual structure.

Before to initiate a purge one would have to place 3 unconnected structures slightly but not too far apart to make it happen. Now after testing in solo admin mode you just need a few foundations and have to be in the vicinity for it to occur. But if you are too far away from any structures you get the 2-3 start-end in logs.

Now I’m currently playing on server 1005 and after the patch i received a purge at the location i currently am, but since then i just seem to get the “ghost” purges as people call them.

Since the new purge mechanic is now based on player location how does the setting “minimum players online” on offical servers work with players no longer in the area?

Can you please make them unreliable again?


Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

Problem is that purge is working bit different in tests in singleplayer game than on a server.

On singleplayer like you said, you have to stay nearby, and purge will only hit the base your character is. On server purge can hit any of your base, ever on other side of the map.

I know that purge is currently working for a good part, but seems still not work for some others, that’s a fact to. Devs know it and working on it, so we can just hope they will be able to fix for the people having failing purges, and logs like your.


Purge has been working just fine on the Official PvE I’m on. Also, the log will show a start / end event for each wave. So if have a 9-wave purge, you’ll see 9 sets of these start / end events and that’s perfectly normal. IME, if the waves are ending that quickly, then it’s usually because the enemies are getting wiped out very quickly.

For instance, on Sunday I had a purge of Bandits attempt to assault a base I’d designed to resist Frost Giants. The poor Black Hand NPCs it selected were getting cut-down so quickly by sabretooths that they never even had time to make it within range of my archers. As such, waves were ending within about 30-45 seconds, leading to an event log very similar to what is posted above.

If you know which of your bases the purge attacked (sometimes you have to travel around the map and change the Proximity setting on the search function to narrow-down the location), then it could be helpful to see a video of the base and surrounding area. Maybe that would give us more to work off of for troubleshooting what might have happened.


Hmm could be! Thanks Vattende

this is innacurate it is showing some issues to trigger it, and funcom is working to fix it.

look for official responses in this thread

Thanks for your reply but I already know what 9 waves of a purge look like in logs!

And nope enemies aren’t getting wiped out because there is no initiation to begin with (i.e no onscreen purge message to say there is a purge occurring). They’re not being cut down by thralls as they can’t reach the purge (my own reasons nuff said).

On a private server i used to get purged everyday for 9 months (25k actions as opposed to officials 42k). So i’m pretty familiar with how it works.

You want me to post a video of the base? It’s a little purge hut :slight_smile: designed to withstand boss walks by trolls and capture purge thralls. :slight_smile:

@Palm522 What part of my post was inaccurate? I don’t see the relevance of that quote to anything I said… :confused:

apparently i did not read the part “on my server” apologies.

purge is still with issues over ours. but i know they are working on a fix, and they might already know what could be happening as its not consistently triggering for everyone.

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There’s literally no way for me to know if you know something without reading thru your whole post history. :stuck_out_tongue: I work in IT for a living and it’s often necessary to make no assumptions about what someone has or hasn’t tried when trying to troubleshoot, so please don’t take offense. :slight_smile:

The reason I asked about a video is much the same reason it’s helpful to walk over to someone’s desk (or remote into their PC) rather than having them describe a problem. Sometimes it helps to see what’s going on, or if maybe there’s a landform or another nearby base that could be interfering. I’ve had waves that seem to last forever because they got distracted by tearing down a neighboring base instead of mine. i.e. It’s a complex system and sometimes it helps to have more eyes on the issue.

Anyway, if you’re not getting the on-screen notification (which wasn’t apparent to me in the original post), then that sounds like it might be related to the bug Palm is talking about. I have no experience with that particular problem and can’t add anything helpful there…

Good luck, either way.

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since posting the above i’ve had 6 further entries in log


Now as my purge meter nears the 2nd line i’m assuming i’ll get targetted more as my “lottery ticket” has greater odds. So my other question is how would this affect other players on the server?

To be honest i dont know why you don’t set the server to “1 clan member has to be online” that way the server isnt bogged down with 10000s of people trying to login for purge!

Someone else on the same server had a purge, 1 wave of skeletons no defeated msg and bar didnt lower so its still doolally.

Ok thanks Larathiel! :slight_smile: Sorry if i came across a bit too harsh :frowning:

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Hey everybody,

We’re aware of some instances in which the purge is still not triggering for some people. Also, as @Vattende mentioned, they work a bit differently in single player and online due to those reasons.
Our team is working on refining the purge mechanics even further.
Thanks for your feedback.


It looks like exactly same issue I reported few days ago :frowning:

Since the previous thread where I had reported my Purge issues closed on its own a few hours before I got a Purge again, and because this topic has been touched in this thread, I’ll post this here:

On my single-player game, the Purge is still reliable as ever. It’s always Starved Exiles, always the same base, no matter where I am.

Today, all waves performed correctly. No-one disappeared and made the Purge stuck or anything like that. Curiously, the Starved Exiles had brought reinforcements from the Black Hand, as several T4 Black Hand fighters and archers could be found among the starved (but now at least partially clothed) Exiles.

My Purge level is set to 3, so in theory I should be getting Purges further north than Camp 24, and at higher tiers than Exiles. Now, we’re still talking about just statistical improbabilities, but of my seven bases, only this one has been targeted since the update, and only by Exiles, and both times I’ve been at or near another base.

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Maybe a screenshot of the map showing where your bases are situated could be helpful ?

I did experiment with purges in singleplayer these last days, also with settings for purge between 2-4, and had similar purges it seems. The desperate exiles, with some blackhands, and named wanderers. All wanderer i saw and catched so far are in the exiles faction. They are wearing mostly blackhand armour, and may have steel weapons, often 2h steelswords.

But i only tested lately in the same area, executionners entrance, once more bit under it, once more above.
All two bases had similar purges sinces, but this looked ok to me, and they worked well.

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Here’s a map:

The blue stars are where my bases are located; the gray lines show the approximate routes where the “roads” (built of sandstone foundations) connect my bases. So technically all my bases are one huge building stretching across the map, which may confuse the Purge, which always attacks the base near Exiles Camp 24, marked with the red arrow on my map.

The Purge type was Starved Exiles, and it did contain several named Exiles (Ciria the Mad, Frigga Falsehope, Deirdre Deathbringer and Enis Ironwrought), but it was also joined by Cristian the Blade, Iekika the Visionary and Sarnai Thorn as well as Cruaidh the Crusher, all of Black Hand fame.

The last two times I’ve been Purged I have been at or near my base at the Pagoda of Boundless Lusts, far to the east. It’s entirely possible that my foundation network confuses the Purge so that it always picks the southernmost point of my world-spanning base as determining which Purge types are available. I guess I could test this by removing a foundation block from the connecting road when the next Purge is about to happen and see if it would affect the Purge’s target.


Thanks for all this information @Kapoteeni :slight_smile:

This happened on 1942 to my clan the other day. Purge announced and then vanished with no message. Our purge meter has now been full since. For our clan, we are currently immune to a purge. Not cool when there are so many purge only thralls. 8 ppl in the clan and server is always capped so there is no reason for the purge not to hit.


Roads between the bases… hmmm, well ye, never did that of course ! :laughing:

But yes, i think this may explain how purge behaves here. Like said, purge in singleplayer act differently than on servers anyway.
Try make some interruption in your road-system ? Just to see at first.