Purge Is Not More Reliable In Fact Its Broken

This is similar to how my bases are constructed, but since I play on a server with other people, I dismantle the sections in-between bases so that’ I’m not cluttering up the map. Remember, even if they aren’t physically connected anymore, because they were built on the same snap-grid, they will continue to share the same decay timer.

So you might consider making a backup of your game, deleting the intermediate roadways, and seeing if that helps. For doing the deletion, you’ll probably need to make use of admin mode to do radius deletes unless you are immune to boredom and/or repetitive strain injuries.

In case you need it, the path to the save files should be here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved

Just make a copy of game.db and name it something obvious like gameWithRoadways.db or some such. If you don’t notice any change with the roads deleted, you can then erase the game.db with them deleted, and rename the backup copy to game.db again.

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That’s a good advice i think, the DB “will remember”, don’t forget it. :wink:

For me it’s fun to read about these roads around the map. I built a lot in this game since EA, but never roads, i love mostly a roadless and wild univers. But why not, but it may be bit perf heavy on the long run.

on official pve C server its inconsistent on purges one day will get several 3 minute(nothing happens) purges then one day will get a actual purge even with named(or other mini bosses) sprinkled in the purge on different waves. And it is still hitting same base over and over even though with 3 clan members with huge builds in different locations 2 of mine being biggest but other clan mate is getting hit repeatedly. and at one base I am constantly adding to it.

We build small house in noob river island beach, most of the foundations are on beach some in water
Purge happend in roof of house, are island purges bugged ?

If the Purge has no route to your base (remember, NPCs cannot swim) they will spawn in your base. It’s apparently kind of intended behavior to prevent players from building completely purge-immune bases on islands or high plateaus.

yes but the island is not builded just small hut in the shore, all of the island is free to spawn

Wait what? How do i accomplish this? I am and Admin on a server, and i was wanting to redesign my base. And then thought about having to destroy stuff 1 foundation at a time, so thought yeah, i guess i’ll just put in another torch to spruce the place up :slight_smile: .

Shift+Delete will delete a single piece, then additional adjoining pieces if used in quick succession.

Ctrl+Shift+Delete will perform a deletion of objects within a certain radius. I don’t recall how big a radius, mind you, so might want to do some experimentation after making a backup first.

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The problem is that there are moments it doesn’t work like intended.
Had the case in bases completely accessible to have several well working purges, then one spawning inside. Why this, no clue.

Also, i think while i understand the behavior, i understand that it can be bit frustrating to people if not able to build on bigger island. If there is enough place all around the base, and ever more, this could maybe be handled in a better way.
In CE we have lot freedom to build, but the fallback purges are restricting this lot again. Of course, it’s still a case by case, and mostly hard to tell without seeing the specific location and built base.

thanks. i’ll test on sp to see the “radius”

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I like the broken purge system.
Yesterday we had a 3 wave, 3 named purge.
Each named came with 3 waves.

and now I can make Legendary repair kits :open_mouth:

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Does anyone know if single player purge is bugged ? I get no enemy variety - only lizard attacks in Jungle every time. Purge level doesnt matter.

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Hey @syx

Our team is aware of that problem and they’re working on a fix.

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I can trade you some starved exiles for some lizards ? :laughing:

I think, it depends area, southern are the starved exiles, like in many other places.
I tried different places to make bases, but mostly only have these two mostly.

So… Science goes on.

I chopped the Camp 24 and Pagoda “branch” off from my main network of bases. I was wandering the Northlands (near the Wardtowers) when a Purge was triggered.

Today’s Purge was… drumroll Starved Exiles!

And they targeted the base at the southernmost edge of my network. Although the amount of collected data is still insufficient to make any real conclusions, anecdotal evidence would seem to suggest that in the case of a continuous network of bases spanning multiple Purge regions, the Purge picks the weakest option and attacks a part of the network that’s eligible to be attacked by that type of Purge.

The pace at which I manage to conduct my science is glacial. I really need to remember to crank up the Purge lever at some point. Need more data.

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Curious also to see your results.
I altered the settings, and tested different things, but it’s time-consuming still.
But ever with purge 5-6 had starved exiles.

But of course, would need more tests over a longer time, in still more places. I need a clone ! :crazy_face:

Still thinking also about number of players in a clan, and if and how this can/would matter if ever. Player on a server, and then the singleplayer tests, where purge is acting still differently again.

Hey there,

Our team fixed internally the issue that made Starved Exiles the only kind of waves most players got purged with. This fix should be released in an upcoming patch soon.


Damn, I guess I need to improve my defenses. A single T3 Bearer thrall with a truncheon may be sufficient protection against Starved Exiles, but may be less effective against an Undead Dragon or something.

Oh, forgot to mention, but the latest Starved Exiles Purge included quite a few Black Hand people too, including some named T4 ones (same as last time). Could you please check if this is intentional, as they’re a lot tougher than Exiles and could come as a nasty surprise for lower-level players?

EDIT: I just checked, I also got Airk Strong-in-the-Arm in that Purge, and unless I (and the Wiki) am mistaken, he’s a Heir of the North. How did he lose his way so badly that he wandered south with a Starved Exiles Purge? Again, is this intentional?

Yeah I got Starved Exiles last night and they included Black Hand pirates as well as Beri and Airk from the Nordheimer faction. Being the generous sort, and noting their poor health, I naturally invited them in for some hot gruel and “physical rehab” just the same. The Children of Doom (Doom’s Children) don’t discriminate against hard workers.

Except Darfari cooks… we don’t trust Darfari cooks. :grimacing:

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IN THE north we are only getting vanir chieftains …

i am yet to hear or see a purge of alchemist, or anything else but vanir,

in sepermeru., we only hear purges of relic hunters.