Purge Is Not More Reliable In Fact Its Broken

Last week had Bandits (Black Hand, by the look of it) attack my base in NW D13. Can’t recall if there have been any patches between then and now though.

And yes, Purge Alchemists seem to exist only in myth, I don’t think anyone on my server has ever seen one. :frowning:

we got 2 alchemist in our server, both came from relic hunters. no others has been found

my question was related as there was supposed to be a purge of alchemist. according to what funcom said recently

Clone, reporting for duty :slight_smile:

All I can add at this point is from cell N5, near the Pagoda.
My nightly purges were:
Lizards, lower level, first online purge, had laid down maybe 50 foundations
Lemurians, got called away just as it started, logged off and let them have at my hyenas, little damage
Lizards, higher level with two boss crocs, more damage, but was using sandstone and expected it (got one key for much later)

This is online private PVE server of which I am not admin. Purges are set at level 6. I am progressing through the mid 30s in level. Purges are restricted to have at least 1 clan member online, no offline purges.

I am a solo clan, but friends with another one. Will ask them about their experience tonite.

Hope this helps but if not, please ask for more info.



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There is, but I assume the bug that affects only Starving Exiles spawning in it’s designated areas also affects the others spawning in their own areas. I loosely counted, there are 35-40 total different events that can spawn in various areas, but aren’t being seen because of the bug.

as for the starving exiles purges

there is no purge only related things. besides fighters that can spawn in some area.

in all of those purges i have seem , Beri, werk of the lost tribe, and the strong in the arm carpenter, which NONE is actually an exile, the armorer burnbritches also appears quite frequently and that armorer is not a purge armorer neither. so even in those. not a single exile purge t4 has been reported.

My guess is that the term “Exile” is loosely used to mean any faction since everybody in the Exile Lands is considered “Exile.” Purge data table shows that named Exiles will spawn during the event.

I confirm that the purge variety must be fixed. in our PVP 1060 server the purge spaw is only of vagabond exiles. I hope you are aware of it. Can you give me directions on how exactly the purge difficulty works? Is your goal to be random and always changing? I am in favor that purges must represent a real threat …

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So this would mean, if i understand right your idea, that all human purges are called starving exiles. This may be true, but only partially, cause i knocked down also some T4 wanderer in the north, by the Crevice, in a purge. This is definitevely a named, but a exile from the south.
But they seems sometimes mixed bit.

But would need to test much more places, purges, while knocking them out all to count and lock at them exactly.

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That’s not what I meant. There is only one event called starving Exiles. Out of like 40

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I had 6 or 7 pack of basilisks (only basilisks), then I increased the cleaning trigger value 10 times (the default was 2300). Also changed the level of Purge from 6 to 3, but still there were only a pack of basilisks. It looks like the Purge configuration for the Jungle biome is broken.

g-portal private server

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New today ! Singleplayer, still my test game.

Near Sepermeru, a nice Relic-hunters purge showed up. This changed bit, not so much by the difference in ennemis really, but by the form. No named in, or it got lost. Bit outside the city, south-west.

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Not a fan of bug soup or mystery meat? You weren’t in the military were you? :bug:

I get Skeletons and Undead Serpentmen at my waterfall base at E9. If you stop building up before you get to the top of the falls, Purges will split spawn harmlessly at the top, and the bottom where your guard crocs can chow down.


Nothing like bambus-worms, very tasty ! :bug:, and snakes well prepared are fine to :snake:

Like you said, it’s easy to lure the purge, and build in a manner they don’t harm to much. There different ways depending where you’re base is. But still fun. :wink:


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