Purge only happens at one base location and not others

Game mode: Online Private Server
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PVE
Region: North America

The purge, when it finally triggers, it will on spawn near one clan base location and not the others. Been thru 6 purges and it always happen a the same location. Only my brother and I play on the dedicated server I have set up, everything is up to date with the server being restarted once a day.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Wait til purge time happens and it will always spawn at our first base location
  2. manually starting the purge thru admin console command and it will always spawn at our first base location

Since the Purge has several bug fixes on testlive now, you should consider helping on and testing the Purge on testlive. Patch notes are here.

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how will i do the testive on my private dedicated server? My brother and I have only started playing the game for about 5 days now so this is all still fairly new to us.

Place the launcher in a separate directory. Run it and choose ‘Testlive branch’.

Would we need to start a new game and do we need to download the testive client?

No, and yes. Here are the instructions on how to download testlive client (it’s a separate download entirely). You can then transfer your saved file to the testlive client. It’s completely optional, to do of course. You don’t have to if you feel it’s too much trouble. Just be aware that what you see on live now purge wise could and will change after testlive moves over to live.

I’m on testlive now and so far, the purges are still only happening to my main base, but I’ll need more time to see if they switch to another. I should get 1 a day with my new purge settings.

If you have the dedicated server launcher app, there is a check box to choose between live and testlive builds. It takes about 5 minutes to update from one to the other on the server side. I do this, so my game database is always the same, regardless of which I am playing. It adds an element of risk, but I’m ok with that. on the player client side, steam now gives you both versions to download and install, so if you have the free disk space, it makes it pretty easy now to swap between live and testlive clients.

One thing you have to do though, is redo all your client settings. Not a huge deal and if you are good with this sort of thing, you could track down your client config files and copy them from one client to the other. I think there are 3-4 different config files for those settings. The client download is pretty big. I think about 60Gig.

i’m familiar with servers and setups due to work experience however game servers are definatly a new take software wise for me. is there a way to run both the normal dedicated software and the testive server software the same time, not merging them i mean, but run them both independently? as in can i run them both on the same profile or can i load one under one profile and another on a different user profile? Or should i set up a VM? the vm route i can see working in my opinion but i am concern with the ram resources that it will need on the spare server i am using is a micro proliant gen 8 so it goes max up to 16 gb

I may be wrong here, but the way I run any game dedicated server is through a second steam account and second copy of the license for the game. Steam doesn’t let you log in two computers on the same account at the same time. So if you wanted to have live and testlive dedicated servers running at the same time, that would be 3 steam accounts. 2 for the servers and one for the client. At least it would the way I run it. Maybe someone else knows this better and I’m wasting a license?

I’ve considered the posibility of running my dedicated servers on the same computer as my client, but since I let others log into my servers, I wanted a dedicated hardware server as well.

The server should run well in a VM. From a Funcom post I read recently, the server mostly just uses a single core, with some minor functions that will take advantage of a second core. Their recommendation for server platform efficiency was fewer cores and higher clock speed.

My current server is a 5yr old Asus gaming laptop. The Conan is using between 4-12% of the CPU and 3.7GB of RAM. I only have 1-2 users on my server. I believe the server footprint is under 3GB.

Edit: just looked up my CPU on the server and it is i7 3610QM 2.3ghz.

a steam account is not needed for the conan exiles dedicated server app, it allows anonymous logins with the steamcmd software. The devs made it extremely simple to use. just fill out the required fill boxes and hit start server and it downloads and configures and runs automatically, it doesnt need the game at all to be installed on the server. So for that I am thankful for the devs and their consideration.
As for HyperV VM on server 2016, you can set a reserve on processor usage and ram but that will really put a load on my particular server. The microproliant is sorta a budget range price but slightly above average server but it is made for either a small campus or building deployment for a small company, nothing huge or large scale, say as in military installation or corporations\enterprises. Mainly for 2 to 3 roles, such as active directory and a fileshare with WDS as well. I do like the simplicity of RDP remoting into it.
In my case I am worried as the best processor the microproliant gen 8 can take is a Xeon CPU E3-1230 V2 which is also what I have. The max ram cap is 16gb ddr3 ecc. It runs well. for my brother and I. But the server OS is not required for the conan dedicated server, I just happened to have a spare server due to the nature of my business i own and run. However server 2016 does use alot less bandwidth as it doesnt have the MS Store installed with it as windows 8, 8.1, and 10 does. So there is alot less talking between the internet and the server.

In my case, I have discussed it with my brother, running it under a seperate profile on server 2016 wont work as the files are locked when it is running on another profile, or certain processes can not be allowed to run duplicate, so in this case we will backup the server and open it up to the world as a form of a trial while maintaining a admin password for ourselves.

Ah ha! very cool. Well I guess I just helped Funcom with their revenue this year :wink: I hope your testing goes well. Maybe I’ll donate my spare copy to another family member.

I used to work very heavily in virtualization, back when VMware was fairly new. They were both my business partner and my client for many years. I was on the business & sales side, so a lot less technical, but I sure loved how it changed corporate computing over the last decade.

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