Purge Issue Taking place in the same spot

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Purge only in one location
Server type: PVP
Region: NA East Coast

We have 4 locations on our server, yet every purge so far has taken place at the same spot. We have had 23 purges so far. All of them take place in the F3/4 grid. I would be nice if purges would take place at the other locations we have on the map.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Have dis banded clans
  2. Have built new locations
  3. Have reset settings and the server number of times

Yeah I can confirm… I noticed the same happening since several many patches ago. The last time I had purges in random locations was before July last year… after that every purge targetted the exact same spot for me.

Almost all of my clan’s purges have his the same spot on the Official PvE we’re on, at my clanmate’s base in F7.

All but one: our most recent purge.

This last time, the notable difference was that my clanmate (who gets off from work earlier than I do, and is always online before me) was not yet online at the time when the purge horn sounded. Instead, I was online and at my base in I6, and that’s where the purge attacked.

Not sure if this info helps with the bug-hunting at all, but perhaps try having everyone gather at a different spot, and/or changing-up who is online to see if that shakes things up. Mind you, I’m not suggesting this as something that should be necessary, but to help with narrowing down the source of the bug for troubleshooting purposes.

Purge mechanics on base choices are potentially (probably) changing over the next couple of patches. It will be interesting to see if it’s a bit more random in the future.

And if you want to know more about the actual Purge mechanic.
Where can which kind of purge happened?
Than feel free to follow this link. The Purge. (Admiration and regards to Testerle)
Hover over the map shows the areas where the different purges can happend.
Clicking on a special purge will show you more details.


Are the bounding boxes shown on that map data-mined, or are they sampled from observed purges?

I ask because the Locusts (Desert East) hit my base along the east-west portion of the river about a half cell south of the highlighted area for that purge type.

Data mined from the Purge tables. Though it’s from the live version, not ones off of testlive if that’s where you were hit. Even still, its possible it’s not an exact science. The Purge tables do have have exact x, y, coordinates though, but maybe there is some leeway somehow.

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Yeah, this was on an Official Live, not in the test environment.

So in looking more closely at the map from the wiki, I can see that the Locusts’ target was exactly on the south boundary of their zone. Yet when they spawned in, they appeared south of that borderline by a good 15-20 second sprint.

Not sure if that info will be of any use to anyone, but might make for an interesting footnote anyway.

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Yeah looks good to me and confirm what is in the Wiki.

Your Target point is in the Target zone of the “plaque of locusts” so this purge get triggered.
Where they spawn, to move up to your base, is a way different story.

Important is the zone where your building is and which kind of purges can be triggered there.
The arrival can be somewhere. So your report make sense to me.


" Purge only in one location " Same problem to me here.

Purge are not random for me , please help

Since I playing in conan exiles official pve server more than 1000 hours , untill now I’m rich, I have almost everything in game now.

But only kind of thing I dont have is purge named (T4) thrall , because all purge happen to me since I play this game are not random at all.
I have over 30 purge happen to me since I playing this game but all of them are alway attack at same spot everytimes at my main base.

My main base at the G10 , middle of base at the great dam

My Zoo.

My Derketo palace ( Purge always attack at this spot )

My zoo.

Front gate

Purge are always attack at my main base and my very first house ( Remember this spot from single player because it is so beautiful, So long times ago while I’m still lv 1- 10 , I run from start area to begin build first house here Is it possible if the purge are intend to attack first base that we made ?) , Purge never even touch any of my samll station.

I have many station all around the map

At Volcano - T3 black-ice

At black hand ship - T3 black-ice

At darfari near The Dregs - T3 black-ice

At set city - T3 black-ice

At mounds of the dead - T1 sandstone

At Lemurian - T3 black-ice ( not finished )

At Northern sandswept ruins camp - T1 sandstone

These are just my main station to capture thralls and all of them are never got any purge attack.
Because all over 30 purge alway attack at my main base. and of course my main base is a strongest base I have.
So for anyone who said purge will intend to attack at weak base , that not true.

The purge at my main base are always naked northmen , they are never spawn named thralls because of somekind of bug that I hope dev will fix it someday

But in this discussion I will not going to talk about that bug.( Bug about purge in snow , highland , jungle , and more except all the south zone are never spawn named thrall )

Because of that bug and purge always attack at my main base highland ,They never spawn named thralls for me in purge :(.

I want to know why purge always happen attack at my main base even I have more than 10 station around the map and they are never got any purge.

I want to you to help me think , feel free to share your opinion.

Thanks for the confirmation, @SirBowen.

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Hey there,

We’re working on improving the purge mechanic in many ways. Some of those fixes and improvements have been released on Testlive, with many others are available in our internal build and will be included in the near future.
The issue you report here is mostly tackled in our Testlive patch :slight_smile:

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