Testlive purges

any way to increase the chance of purge? Need to test my God bubble and don’t want to build a theme park just to trigger it. Testlve pve3 us

Using admin commands you can trigger and tweak purges at will. I’d suggest giving https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Admin_Panel#Admin_Commands a read

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I think you’re on the same server as me right now. I just did a purge yesterday. Next time I’m on, I can crank out a bunch of extra building pieces to help bump the meter.

I can tweak official testlive pve3 us?

No. You’re better off playing in a solo game for testing purposes.

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the urge is to great in solo to just spawn in and watch fights…

I’ve got my furnaces going. Waiting on the bricks and steel now. I was already in the middle of upgrading from T1 pieces, so it’s not much extra work.

That may be part of the problem with testlive, is that a majority of us use the solo.

What needs to happen is the “official” multiplayer ones need to be admin controlled by Funcom. And people need to be rewarded level 60 as needed. Then an admin can test settings they would use on officials, and get feed back. Go from PVE, to PVP/PVE-C with announcements. Also, force purges as needed for player, maybe community testing events. Just a thought.

IMO, not necessary. I haven’t been on one of the PvP or PvEC testlive servers, but the PVE official has highly boosted XP and gather rates so that the grind doesn’t interfere with the testing. If your character isn’t level 60 after 2 or 3 days, you’re probably trying not to level him. If you focus on journey steps, you can probably reach 60 within 5 hours of play. The character I’m doing now started 2 days ago and was collecting star metal yesterday evening to begin crafting epic gear. A friendly neighbor was kind enough to give me some T4 artisans to speed up production.

The purge *and farming legendary gear are the real grindy parts. It’s not a very populated server and it ends up taking several days to build the meter. A limited admin permission that allows a player to trigger a purge against only themselves would be an extremely convenient testing mechanic to add in.

Ultimately I think both solo testing and server are both important. The solo testing can cover a LOT of ground very quickly. The official server testing forces you to test the process as well as the mechanics, and that takes quite a bit longer so some people may not have enough time to devote to it.


Having an admin allows for the server to test based off of message of the day, and slider adjustment/.ini adjustments that can help test different balances quicker than doing a balance pass every so often, then waiting for everyone to retest. IE, adjust thrall damage with slider, and players say more or less. Do it again, and over time you get closer to agreed numbers. Then that can be used as a base for the actual coded .db and released for a pass on testlive to make sure it matches as close to possible as the different tweaks. Testing, then balacne pass patch, then test, then balance pass, takes too much time each time. Esp. if people have to download it constantly.

While those ideas have merit, I’m just not sure how well they could be implemented. They require not only excellent communication between player/admin, but more critically they require player cooperation. I think it would be more effective if that type of system were implemented on a private testlive server.

Message box, hey guys we changed x. please let us know how it plays.

not complicated.

done on Privates all the time as far as mesaging (PC wise).

It wouldn’t take anything other than update when sloiders are changed. Or if they ind out about a bug, let people know to check if they have it.

Not asking for babysitting, just a more organic test with a quick log in, message etc. But argu as you may, because god forbid we try to make test more startegic.

I’m just saying I don’t think people will cooperate. I’m not advocating for lack of improvements.

It is not about cooperating. It is just adding an admin command to a testlive. The same servers they get on now to test. And those that want, then could cooperate. Even 10% of the testers is better than nothing at all when it comes to direct testing. And it would allow for people to realize a tweak was made without having to look it up. Message box, “Hey guys, we tweaked the damage output for Bosses”. Boom done. Those that want, can do test on bosses. Basically a mod for table values that is way easier to update than a a .db scrub and load every time the make a monor adjustment.

I doubt very much that they will change the settings on the official servers and it makes sense for them not to. People who play on official servers know things like how long it takes them to trigger a purge. If they altered the setting on testlive official and it was overlooked in the patch notes people would be reporting the difference and it could get confusing.

If you really want to test in a server setting with admin abilities download the dedicated server and run it. I use it a lot when I want to test something on a “server” versus solo.

one server set up to allow for more direct testing in a group function.

The dedicated server sounds great, but again, Funcom knows what they are looking for with each patch. All it would take is one of the servers made into “modded” and use a bsic mod that only changes certain tables, rng rates, etc. not a hard ask. and Testlive as a solo and on grindy servers just adds unnecessary time. Being able to work in a control group vs testing in the wild with biased ideas driving the tests ( I try to remember that when doing thrall runs etc myself) would give better data to what is actually working as Funcom wants. And if id didn’t work out or see any good effects, then just remove the mod. simple as that, and now you have the test live server back again as the others.
And tbh, those that don’t want to test in the control grorp don’t have to. Just be an option to see if we can cathc certain bugs that seem to always pop up.

I think it’s worth trying. Worst that can happen is nobody utilizes it. Though, if they were to implement the suggestion earlier of having a server that rotated between PvE, PvEC, and PvP, it would probably be better if they created a new server for that.

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Did you have the chance yet to test your protection bubble?

Not yet, been out of town, back at it Sunday, build and farm some more.

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So. The purge meter decayed to 0 from about 1/2 into it. Only gone 3 days.