Purge Testing, Admin Commands, and You!

Hey all, for those wanting to do some bug testing with the Purge, I’ve got some inside info’s. Looks around to make sure nobody is looking. Alright so…whispers… here’s what you can do if you want to try some admin commands.

First, some back end info!

As your Purge Meter fills up, the server periodically checks to see if anybody on the server (or single player) is Purge eligible. If not, then it goes back into it’s slumber. How often it checks is determined by the Sever Setting, “Purges Per Day.” The higher this setting is, the more often the server will check. This could impact your vanilla testing, so that’s why I added this note here.

There also might be a random variable in here, as sometimes a Purge will take a while to start, while other times when at high speeds (see below) I would have a Purge start RIGHT after an active one finished on it’s own.

Screenshot below is for reference on what I refer to. The actual settings used in the screenshot are there just for testing purposes (I wouldn’t actually recommend you put a threshold of 250 lol).

Additionally, for Single Player, the Player must be within range of the base (unknown max distance) in order for the Purge to trigger. You can have multiple bases (say one in the desert, and one in the north) but the Purge will always trigger to your immediate area. For servers, the Purge doesn’t have this requirement. You could be farming in the Mounds and get a Purge at newb river.

I haven’t tested on a server yet to see if its the same situation as far as having a player (or clan) own multiple bases. The server will trigger a purge if a player isn’t in range of the base, I am just not sure about multiple base situations (yet). So server peoples, get to testing!

Now then, for the admin commands.

  • FillAllClanPurgeMeters

  • EmptyAllClanPurgeMeters

These two commands work as they indicate. They will fill your Purge Meter to the top, and empty it to the bottom.

Please note: In Single Player, these two commands are currently bugged in that they VISIBLY don’t show to be working when IN A CLAN. Behind the scenes they are doing what they are supposed to, but you the player won’t physically see the meter move. When NOT IN A CLAN these two commands work correctly on both ends. Server wise, I haven’t tested it out yet to know if its updating the meters correctly (again, visually only).

  • FillPlayerClanPurgeMeter

  • EmptyPlayerClanPurgeMeter

These two commands do the same as the two previous, fill and empty. They work correctly in or out of a clan in Single Player. For Single Player testing, its best to use these.

  • StartPlayerPurge

This command will start the next available Purge. It does NOT happen immediately after typing this in. It will initiate on the next server check. On average, at vanilla speeds this took about 5 minutes for me. It is possible to type in a specific Purge Event and Wave Number as well. Sol_Aegis wrote a post that is still relevant if you want to test out specific Purge Events. The list given of course only includes the “old” Purge Events. A new list will need to be made after testlive moves over to live.

To summarize, to spawn say, an Exile wave, you would type:

StartPlayerPurge Exile_Purge_Wave1

Note: You will know if this command worked correctly if you look at your Purge Meter and notice it has emptied. If it has NOT emptied, try again as it sometimes it took me two attempts to get it to initiate.

  • StartNextPurgePhase

This command will initiate the next wave in the sequence. If it’s on the final wave, the Purge event will end.

  • EndPurge

As advertised, this will end the Purge and the enemies will run away.

  • slomo 10

  • slomo 1

Want to become a god? Initiate slomo 10. This will speed everything up x10. This is especially helpful when you want the Purge to start without using the StartPlayerPurge command. Slomo 1 will return speeds to normal.

Last Note:

I had troubles getting the Purge to initiate prior to using any admin commands in Single Player. Once I got 1 Purge to start (using admin commands), then it seemed to open the flood gates. Alternatively, it could have just been more visible under slomo 10 conditions (I went through several day and night cycles and had numerous “natural” Purges).

That’s what I got for now, I’ll update the post with additional information as needed.


Hit the ~ button. Lower left hand corner will open up with a console.

I’m a little unclear what you mean by the second command. Did you mean StartPlayerPurge? If so, then yes, once you use this command your Purge bar will empty out in preparation for a Purge.

Depends on the Purge event (what type of enemy), the Purge difficulty server setting(1-6), which wave number you are on (generally the earlier waves start out easier and then as the event progresses it gets slightly harder each wave) and where on the map the Purge event is happening (the further north you are, the more challenging the Purge is).

The number of players present does not dictate the number of enemies, all of the above does.

For me today it was the other side around. It started very heavy and ended up more traditional.

First wave at noob-river with 3 waves very hard, cimmerians and other biggies, well stuffed in heavy armor with all good metal weapons. Good archers with them to. Some dagger-fighters.
Purge was set on 2, so weak, again, i remember, this was on ther southern river of the nood-river, very starter area.

Last purge was traditional with Imps, with last wave with the Imp-boss.

But first time i saw any purge at this place, at the very start, just under the broken Aqueduc when you come from the desert.
So there may also be some changes here. To test further of course.

Thanks for the commands !

There are several different Purge events that can happen in any given area. It’s random on which event you will get. Depending on your area, some can be really easy (Imps for example) or you can have a harder purge with Darfari fighters.

Better ? for me there is no better or bader purge.
But i would say cimmerian are very strong, and have metal weapons lot, good ones. :grin:
Unfortunately they didn’t drop any, just some stuff, colorant, mats, and such.
For testing i use mostly no or very few mods, and no game-changer which would make no sens for testliving i mean. I love in regular builds mods like ArsMetallica where npc’s definitevely drop nice stuff and you can reuse it, convert it and more. But that’s an other story.

What i wanted mention here in particular is, first purge is working with the mentioned settings. Even more than i hoped.
And that it was the first time i saw any purge at this place. Just at the outcome of the desert, when you discover the broken aqueduc and the journey triggers.
This area is now also touched by purge. No sandstorm still, what is ok for the arrival area.
But also i think it’s a very strong purge given my settings was purge 2. And the first waves had about 10 peops in it mostly, like said, heavy stuffed, cimmerians mostly, with metal, steel, and heavy or at least medium armor. Even the archers was very well stuffed.

I mean i was prepared for purge testing, but the regular player at this place will have just some little levels, nearly no perks.
I had ever a small base at first, and time to set-up a bed, what made me not end up in the desert again. A new player would end in the desert after the first wave, and have to start over that’s sure. :sweat_smile:

Like said, purge are random, and the last was an imp purge, so nothing to compare. But the imps was the last, after 3 heavy ones.

But consider, these are very tweaked settings to experiment purge. Setting threshold to 250, well, maybe better not to start your game. :rofl:


Hey everybody,

We’re making a few changes on how the Purge mechanic works, so a few of the “old tricks” won’t work with these new changes. Our intention is to release a bit of information on how it works once we’re done revamping those mechanics. :slight_smile:


Don’t get me wrong, of course 250 settings are wanted here for tests. What i say, i would not recommand it for a regular playtrough or newer player.

While the fight was mostly fun like you say yourself, i was happy when it ended, and was bit tired after 4 purges, and non-stop fight for over 1.30h. :joy:
But it’s a good way to test of course, and trigger the purge very quickly. You can ever go higher, it’s still very quick.

Made some further tests with bit altered but still similar settings, and the good new are, even after relog, purge was still triggering, so i had all in all over 8 purges right now on this game.

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