Purge suggestion idea


I currently admin and manage a server with two other people. We wanted to control how purges attack each player’s base on who, what, where, and how much. Instead of making it random on the purge meter can you make it that the admin can force a purge in a specific spot only triggered by a specific event or by a click of a button.


These should help you target one clan

This should help you target it with specific npcs

Location is going to depend on how many places the targeted clan has built in.

Hope this helps


With the ability to spawn mobs, it would be cool if an Admin could play DM to his server. I would love to spawn an invading horde a distance away and guide the mobs to a base - as opposed to the current method of just having them spawn inside the base. Yea, my last purge spawned in my living room.


Did this on a private server with the admin panel back before they added the purge was lots of fun. Though the npcs do have to be spawned close enough to be in combat.


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