Help with purge commands

I admin a server where we host public purges.
I used to be able to start a purge using the command startplayerpurge.
It seems with the new update that the purge commands have more requirements, and the command need a ‘wave name’ in order to start.
I like that it’s no longer random, but is there a list available of the possible wave names?


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You can find them in the PurgeConfigTable if you get into the Unreal Editor. Basic format for WaveName seems to be [Tribe]_Purge_Wave[#], so Exile_Purge_Wave1, Darfari_Purge_Wave7, BlackHand_Purge_Wave4, etc. No idea what value should be applied to the fstring. Also, all my purges have begun to appear only in one location, so not sure what’s going on there.

thanks a bunch, I appreciate it. I’ll give it a try tomorrow

It seems that Funcom added a 2 minute (roughly) delay to manually triggered purges for exactly no good reason whatsoever.

One bad reason being that whilst they can’t fix typos in the purge config table, they sure can implement changes that make it exponentially harder to test them.

For anyone without the Unreal Editor loaded up, the valid [Tribe] (or animal) and [#] ranges from the PurgeConfigTable are below:
Exile (1-9)
Darfari (1-9)
BlackHand (1-9)
DogsOfTheDesert (1-9)
RelicHunter (1-9)
HeirsToTheNorth (1-9)
LostTribe (1-9)
Lemurian (1-9)
Votaries (1-9)
BlackHandPir (1-9)
Imp (1-5)
FrostGiants (1-6)
Hyena (1-6)
UndeadHighlands (1-6)
UndeadDesert (1-6)
Spider (1-6)
LocustDesertWest (1-6)
LocustDesertEast (1-6)
LocustSwamp (1-6)
Wolves (1-2)
Demonic (1-6)
GrayApe (1-3)
Scorpions (1-3)
UndeadFallback (1-6)

Example Admin Command: StartPlayerPurge Scorpions_Purge_Wave1
You can also use the StartNextPurgePhase and EndPurge commands during the purge to speed things along.


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