Spawning Purges As Admin - And About Waves

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Hi guys, howzit going?

Awhile back I needed help spawning purges from the console command line. Funcom was kind enough to respond in PM and let me know the proper command and syntax in the following reply:

Looking at this and testing it internally, looks like the “skipPrepareTime” part is actually required.
Try StartPlayerPurge VanirArmy_Wave1 True and also make sure to reduce all the setup time in server settings to their minimum.

I got it to work but didn’t understand the part about “skipPrepareTime” so Funcom answered again showing me an easy way to see the entire command and it’s options via this image and explanation:

the “skipPrepareTime” boolean is visible in the tooltip for StartPlayerPurge:
Its a helpful place to start when trying to use a console command :slight_smile:

Basically just type or select the command and then mouse-hover and it pops up that green bit. Nice!

Next I wanted to know how to spawn the purge with particular difficulty levels. So I did the only intelligent thing and asked yet another dumb question. :smiley: The reply came in today. I’m not entirely sure I understand it well enough to explain anything beyond what is contained in the reply itself - so, here’s that in it’s entirety:

From a dev:

It’s called Difficulty Threshold on our end
each “wave” of a purge has multiple difficulty thresholds and so when a “wave” spawns it uses the data for whatever the difficulty threshold that matches the Purge Level setting
or the last highest in the case of a purge that maybe stops at difficulty threshold 4. A purge level of 6 would just spawn difficulty 4 for that wave
The other thing about that is… if you have Purge Level set to 4 and you are playing a purge that tries to go to a next wave that has a min difficulty threshold of 5 the purge will end
So setting that Purge Level higher can also result in longer purges as a result
Like just looking at a random purge. If the Purge Level is set to 3 and the Darfari Ostriches purge is happening the purge will end on Wave 7 because wave 8 and 9 require a min purge level of 4

Sounds like in the server settings, choose the desired level and go from there with the known commands :slight_smile:

This reads quite different from what people were telling me in the original thread and so I thought it would be educational to post here - along with the history that came before. I hope this helps anyone interested in purges and how they work. :slight_smile:

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