Purge Ending After One or No Waves

I’ve had a few purges in the highlands that have ended after one or no waves at all. I’ve got a massive base, and I was told maybe building a smaller structure 10 or 12 foundation distances in front of the base might give the AI a place to start from. This unfortunately didn’t help. Anyone else have this problem/find a solution?

I found cranking it up to 6 helped with the spawns and waves.

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I’m in an official server already at 6 :confused:

Are you in single players as my single player game is defaulted to 4 not 6. I had to change it in the settings.

Hi NosferatuV,

The next time you enter Purge Time (The 4-hour interval, from one hour past start of Raid, to one hour before Raid ends) and you’re eligible for receiving a purge, keep an eye on your Event Log. Make sure and check or tick the box next to Purge, and extend the range to 10000. It will tell you when you have a glitched or malfunctioning Purge.

What you should see is an opposing-sword Purge notification, a timer, and you should hear the purge horn. There should also be a red X on the map. If not, and if the Event Log says “a purge has started for clan xxx00xxx,” quickly log out and log back into the server.

When you do this, and if it successfully rebooted the purge, assuming it hasn’t accidentally chosen another during your logout, you should

  • hear the horn,
  • see the opposing-sword message and
  • receive a 10-minute countdown,
  • plus the red X should appear on the map to designate the Purge’s target location.

If this hasn’t rebooted it, dump your belongings, remove your bracelet, and then log out. Close the game, launch the game, then log on to the server. Good luck!

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