Purge Ending After One Wave

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: Official Server 2878

Our last three purges have ended after one wave, often less than five minutes. This began about two weeks ago. Purges before that lasted the full allotted server time and regrouped after every defeated wave.

I have had this issue multiple times as well ever since the latest patch short purges often ending after one small wave.

Hey @NosferatuV, welcome to the community!

Could you please share the exact locations where each purge was taking place before they ended earlier than expected, as well as which purges you were getting?

The purges occurred at my base on the westernmost point of E9 on the map, directly north of “Ruins of Old Nebthu.” The two types of purges I remember were zealots of Mitra and another was for Jhebbal Sag. There was another purge at the same location where two Daughters of Ymir spawned but one fell under the map and stayed there until the end of the purge timer so no further rounds could occur. Thanks for your reply.

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I actually have my base almost in the same location and get the same purge spawns you do and in fact pre mature ending purges have occurred. I have noticed at least for me that it likes to happen if the npcs are confused about where your base actually starts. I placed 3 foundations down and accidentally did not get rid of them…the base was so far away from these 3 foundations that the npcs just wandered aimlessly…So whenever I make a base I always make a foundation based (extremely small) structure just off my base. There idea was given to me by SvenP on one of his videos. If You do this the purge will work extremely well…

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Will definitely try this