Purge Level 7 - Avatar

Would it be possible to add a server-admin option to enable a level 7 purge that summons a disgruntled avatar at your base?

My kids and I want to test our defenses…


Depending on set up,

On ps4, make 2nd psn or family steam account, give it admin rights and attack your own base with one. XD (thou that means someone isnt gonna be part of team defending)

But in general you can set Purge update timer to 0 or 1. And Bar will fill up very quick(set threshold low) and you can trigger them when you want.

PC user have Console ~ commands to start one when ever. (on ps4 myself, so not familer with it off top of my head)

Oh we’ve repelled waves of puny rebellious mobs just fine, but we wanna see if we can handle a giant Avatar :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d also like to add in a suggestion from another poster: At level 7 Purge mobs will also use siege weaponry!

You want to test a base defense? Get purged while streaming, while an a-hole stream snipe you knowing you cannot build or repair during purge and start raiding you while holding off the purge waves so you can’t kill them and the purge last 45minutes each wave.
Me an me clan had that, 3 of us online, purge lasted all of raid time, i couldn’t even go have dinner xD, but at the end:


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