Allowing admins of private servers to launch purge

Please consider allowing administrators on a private server the ability to launch a purge. This could be used for a number of reasons. For me I’d love to use it for events.

you can, and always have been able too

Yes, please tell me more. I’ve actually never bothered with the purge yet, I seem to like the Journey to level 60 to much and keep restarting. and I’d like to have a semi decent base before starting to try the purge. it’d be nice to build a semi decent base and just send a purge to try it.

play in the server settings under purge and you can get one fast or never. i dont think theres currently a way to “sick” a purge on other players bases or in an admin dungeon… thatd be sweet.

First make yourself Admin, Go in to your server setting, down to purges, turn up the level of the purge 1 to 6 if I remember , and you can change how much xp is required to push the purge, turn it down to like 1000 go build something with foundations anything , removed it , rebuild it till you get the purge up and it takes hardly any time to push that purge. There is no way to make it attack a certain base that I could find but that would be a sweet addition. Put a few shots to show you whee it is.


While it may not be an instant purge, that’s a pretty simple way to do it and if theres only one base on the server, I assume it wouldn’t really matter. So, I’ll have to try this method. Thanks!

I don’t use it myself, but Admin can use console commands.
In the Purge section of the table:

There are a few comments there.


is this possible on PS4? i can only assume it’d be in the GPortal settings if so.

I can only advise you to try connecting the computer keyboard via USB on the front of the PS4. I play on PC and there the command console is invoked by pressing the ` key.

I just set update interval gain to 0. Build some stuff and BAM, bar full almost instantly.

(on ps4 anyway, it caps at 100k (instead of several mil) It fills insanely quickly. Going to 1000 works to.

Depending on time of day (ingame) + real time of day and purge allowed setting. You may need wait a short moment.

On Ps4 anyway… depending on amount of structures on server, (or offline) It’ll take game moment to go thru them and pick one of foundations to attack.

Few times, night had to finish, and when dawn broke the alarm would sound and start count down.

On PS4 probably not directly, besides there is a problem with saving settings in the game now… so if you want to find a way, wait for the next update.

First you have to try with the keyboard if it works at all. I can’t check it myself - sorry :see_no_evil:

keyboards don’t work “yet” the staff was looking into that. ~ commands don’t have function on ps4.

I can use mine to type in names for pets or looking for item in admin panel, but it doesnt work much in other spots.

Really ? Is it worth now connecting a keyboard to the PS4 ? Even if it’s limited to changing pet’s name or finding items in the admin panel, it’s a big improvement.

Depends on keyboard I guess, I’m mute so keyboard is always on my lap out of normality.

So far, works to type in names for pets and in admin panel. Doesnt work with search bar at crafting bench… thou thats been issue for sometime. (which was missing for sometime on consoles)

Thank you. I’ll try mine after the Red Zone is over and before the Sunday Night Game starts. I’ll have half an hour or more if there isn’t any overtime.
I wish mouse could be enabled too, so I can use it to select item in inventories, select recipes in menus and still use the gamepad for movement and action. The best of both world.

You can fill the meter for specific clans, as has been stated above, but there is no way, to my knowledge, for the admin to dictate what location will be targeted.

Good info to know thanks. I was not aware of those commands.

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