Purge Suggestion -- ability to trigger purges

I’m on PS4, and there does not appear to be functionality through admin console to trigger a purge. This functionality may be available on PC, but that is besides the point.

I’d like to see some way that a player can trigger a purge, after the meter is full, rather than be forced to wait it out while the dice roll.

What I envision is some kind of structure players can build and place, and then put the staff into it, or one of the other components needed get the bracelet off. After a countdown – 10-15 minutes – a purge triggers as the NPCs attempt to claim the component. Basically, the idea is to bait the purge into action.

Edit: Ways to limit this could be a cool down period – i.e. you can’t force another purge for 24 hours – or, perhaps the component is consumed.

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I thought I read somewhere that you could use a keyboard with a PS4, and thus use the admin commands. Though even on PC those admin commands seem to borked for the moment as of the latest patch.

I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to plug one in to see if it works. Any idea if any USB keyboard will do the trick?

I still think it would be cool to have an in-game (non-admin) mechanic to trigger a purge :slight_smile:

I don’t own a PS4 sadly, so I’m just going off of memory of thinking I saw somebody talking about using a keyboard for admin controls. I’m not even sure the admin controls are working right, I submitted a bug report about it already.

Ive used a keyboard on my old ps3 it work for anykeyboard input although i dont know if CE has the input turn on for keyboards.

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