Purge Admin Commands Not Working - But the Purge is, mostly, I think

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: United States

Test Purpose:

Because I’ve seen a few threads now that have said the Purge isn’t working, I decided to do a self test. Here were the server settings I set everything to for this test:

  • Purge Level = 1
  • Purges Per Day = 24
  • Restrict Purge Time = Off
  • Purge Preparation Time = 2
  • Purge Duration = 10
  • Minimum of Online Players = 0
  • Allow Building = Off
  • Purge Meter Trigger Value = 100
  • Purge Meter Update Interval = 1

Admin Commands that I tried that showed no action:

  • FillAllClanPurgeMeters
  • FillPlayerClanPurgeMeter
  • EmptyAllClanPurgeMeters
  • EmptyPlayerClanPurgeMeters
  • StartNextPurgePhase

Admin Commands that I tried that showed success:

  • EndPurge

Description of Setup:

Prior to arranging the Meter Trigger Value and the Meter Update Interval, I tried the various admin commands I have listed here. None of them made a difference to the Purge Bar. By setting the Meter Trigger Value to something very tiny, and the Purge Meter Update Interval to 1 to have the “server” update the Purge bar every minute, I knew that if the Purge bar was working correctly, the bar would fill up very fast.


Sure enough, it did fill up very fast. Once full, I then tried StartNextPurgePhase without any luck. However, within a couple of minutes, I had a Purge starting. I then tried EndPurge, and it ended. I was able to repeat this step another 2 times. I then let the game just chill for a bit running in the background. When I alt tabbed back in, I got a rapid fire of “purge is coming, purge has started, purge has ended” so I’m guessing all the messages showed up while I was busy doing other stuff. I ran around to all of my various test sites I’ve been using (I’m just using my existing mod test single player save I always use) and destroyed all the random foundations I had everywhere. During this time, and while I’ve been typing this report up, I have not seen the purge despite the full bar for a good 30 minutes now.


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