Can you enable the Purge on an established server?

When I launched my private server, I did so with the Purge disabled. I figured, why not? It’s not like the damn thing works anyway. Now I see a whole mess of Purge & AI improvements coming down the pike, and I’m interested. Can I turn the Purge “back on” safely? Or will that reset a bunch of stuff? I’d like to play with the new Purge when it does live, but not at the cost of everything we’ve already built.

Activating the Purge will begin the countdown. You should have an empty purge meter at the bottom of your inventory screen once it’s activated. So you shouldn’t suddenly get slammed with like, 1000 invading enemies all at once, though that would be fun to see.

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Just so long as it won’t reset our progress on anything else. (Though getting stone age’d by an army of critters & Darfari would be entertaining!) Thanks much.

I like the "safe"part :smiley:

Depends on where you built and what your base is like. In the desert you will be able to fend off their shiny bare butts. But in the ice you may get stomped by a swarm of frost giants.

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