Question: is the purge on halt?

So I play single player, my purge meter is full for days.
I built in an area where purge can spawn, near to the Summoning place. I even have a treasure coffin, admin spawned with thousands of gold bars, but still nothing. That base is 120 foundations big, 2 floors, multiple stations.
Purge inital delay set to the minimum, requirementa to fill the meter is lowered, but still nothing.
I’m not that active since 3.0, so probably I am missint something.(?)

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Ridiculous, no one can tell, that there is purge happening or not? :man_facepalming:

The size of the treasury does not affect the purge yet , this should be turned on in the next chapter
For now, the classic purge rules apply.

so if you have a full meter check what time you have set for the purge to start - for example on the official servers it is between 18-22 h and you have to be online for at least 15 minutes

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It works for me in singleplayer PC


Thank you guys!

There is no speficic time for the purge to start, I play single player.
Weird then, I will force start a purge via the control panel, see it helps.

Purge in Single-Player has always been a bit unreliable. On a previous playthrough I had a base built where I wanted a Purge to strike, but despite the meter being full for very long times it never struck there. But as soon as I teleported to the Jungle obelisk, a Purge started and targeted my Jungle base, which is where I did not want it, because it was inevitably snakes, or naked but otherwise not very useful Lemurians.

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The algorithm that starts the purge is very capricious.
I have had occasions where a purge came to my base on a regular basis, but after I added just a few foundations inside the perimeter of the base (!), it was blocked. Removed them - purge was restored again.
Even a small object located outside the base next to the walls, but without touching them, with a high degree of probability blocks the purge.
The location of a large farm for raising animals next to the base has always blocked the purge for me.

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Purge meter has been full on official for 6 days. I am getting the purge checks in the event log, but no purge has started. No one else on the server has gotten a purge in 2 weeks.

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So it’s wonky by default… great, what a surprise!
Now I can’t complete my journey :rofl:
PROBABLY in chapter 2. But I wouldn’t bet on that.

Well, I got a Purge, and even got a T4 thrall to spawn, but failed to complete the “Tame a Purge thrall” journey step, probably because I stuffed him in the wheel after the Purge had ended. Or maybe because something random happened. I’ll never know.

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Try taming anything that comes, not only T4 thralls.
It also didn’t work the first time I tried but worked with a random T1 or T2 Darfari lmfao

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Okay, the purge is just a total mess - still.
IT HAPPENED today. I was farming star metal, when my only base, below the Summoning place got purged. I just made it back in time.
Weird, that the meter was full for more than a week, and I always was in my base,s vincinity just to get prepared for the purge in time, and one time I go away, boom…

I got a darfari T4 cook and it checked when I dragged her into the wheel of pain.

Got the purge after 6 six days of a full meter. So, we are already halfway to the meter since it kept going up the last week.

I don’t really care, but I am looking forward to the new one.

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