Trigger the Purge online

So I’ve been trying to find a straight answer to this. Maybe you guys can come up with something

This is our meter. it’s been there for over 24hrs. We haven’t been able to trigger the purge yet. We are active we are killing, building, raiding…nothing.

Any ideas on how to make it happen online? I’ve seen a lot from SP, even admin commands but from what I’ve red those commands don’t work or its a bit risky to use them. So aside from that, any legit way of triggering it.


The meter only gives you a chance of triggering the purge. It should happen any time at random for you since you’ve already surpassed the trigger.

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Yet we have many players on our server with full bars and the server is set to have 24 purges in a single RT day. After 2 real days, no one has been purged.


I was about to write the same thing, only that I’ve just set it to 24. Guess is not working at all online hu? =/

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Then you should report it here: TestLive Patch Notes (04.14.2018)

Does anyone triggered the purge in single player? I was about to start a new SP game, if the purge is not working so far, then I will wait until next patch.

Some have reported a bug with the Purge working in singleplayer. You can find the discussion here: TestLive Patch Notes (04.14.2018)

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yea i trigered a couple, i force spawned them if thats what you mean. they did spawn but its kind of a mess sometimes they spaw in your base /outside the base / inside foundations…doesnt seem to be and rhyme or reason to how or why they spawn inside bases/foundations

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Update on the Purge.

After setting the system to 24 purges a day, the purge bar down to 800 and the score gain up to 120 it is happening. I’ve been getting reports from two other clans aside from my own. the purge is hitting them. It’s random but I would say is happening twice a day.