Is the purge working?

Still no purge in siptah. Is there any known bug?

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My metre has been steadily building for the last few days. Not high enough to trigger yet but it’s def building up. Is your metre full and it’s not triggering or is it not building at all? Online or single player? If it’s official they are pretty darn full so maybe your just not getting hit because others are.

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I am playing on isle of siptah and received a purge once the Bar was full.

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I got hit by the accursed yesterday. Several people on the server had purges. It is a private server so it will trigger when your bar is full no waiting for purge time.

Thank. I didn’t consider the server population in these days.
I will wait then

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We had a purge and then the server crashed so about 5 things broke and we didn’t get anything out of it.

Not bugged but damn broken, u see there should be Purges and summoned purges only when in those traps u use lesser ??? it should fixed both but by what i think as one called me armchair codder :smiley: i will say they should have done these as different events not one… because i noticed that if u get purge meter by building , like in exile lands, it may not even happen because if someone before summon it it kinda not even spawn thralls in normal places…

I mean well, summoned surge somehow breaks normal one until next day… atleast for me and once even server died while it ‘‘summoned’’

I got purged in siptah on an official server. Though after the first wave it said they were regrouping but a second wave never came.

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I got purged on the 2nd or 3rd day on Official server, then never got purged again ever since, we have a full meter for over a week and still no purge.

What i think its happening is that the purge is atacking other clans (Since its Random targets).

What can also be happening is people actually using a convergence trap to lure the purges and the purge might give priority to ppl who use the convergence trap.

Servers are extremly full atm and there are a lot of clans online at the same time

So either we are lucky for not being targeted by the purge, or in my case unlucky since i love purges lol

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Check Server Setting, There some numbers to check to make sure it’ll trigger. (like how many need to be online etc)

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