Purge doesnt trigger since 3 days, bar is full though

hello there!

my clan has an issue that we cant have the purge since 3 days, even with a full filled bar on the purge meter. event log very frequently (every few minutes) says, that the purge has started, a few minutes later it says that is has ended. no purge happening in that time though. the last purge we had was problematic aswell. we had full purge meter and event log told us many times that it has started, but the actual purge started after about 10 cycles of “a purge has started” and “a purge has ended”. we play on official server with isle of siptah DLC. anyone else with such a problem?

I’m console so can’t give advice if it’s Siptah specific problem but I had a similar issue on the official pvp server I’m on. It happened for a couple days until a clan mate running past a spot we had a base at previously that was wiped noticed a bunch of npc’s and wolves running non stop into the base of the cliff. Turns out it was our purge. Further investigation we found that when we were building the wiped base some foundations had gone into the cliff side and couldn’t be seen visually and the purge was trying to reach them. It’s a super buggy mechanism. I’ve had it spawn well away from the map marker more than once too. Next time you get a purge notice have a run around and check any site you’ve previously been built at.

we do not even get the map marker, the only thing we get is, that sometimes when a clan member logs into the game or dies, they get the purge warning on screen, but no timer no map marker or anything.

what i found that works is removing the bracelet a couple of times if u login and get this message… for some reason it triggers purge… ofc downside of this is sigils…

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