Purge issue on Official Server

Game mode: Online official # 1503
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: America

My purge bar is past the first line and about half way to the second. So far for almost two days I haven’t been purged. I look at the events log and I see something weird. I’ll see an entry that says “A Purge has started for Clan Lagertha”, which Lagertha is the name of my character. Then shortly after, there is an entry that says “A Purge has Ended for clan Lagertha”. I’m not in a clan but for some reason it will start and then end. Others on my server have been purged, but mine seems to be broken. I can provide a screenshot if needed.

Funcom knows that the purge still does not work correctly for people. A screen shot may help.

Are these purge started/purge ended log entries all happening when you are offline?

If you get the notification that a purge is due to start when you are online … can you see on the map the big red X to indicate where it is meant to turn up?
If yes, then when you arrive there do you get more notices that it has started?
Are you able to see some random NPCs/animals somewhere in the vicinity of your base that might be “stuck” trying to get to your base?

This is pure speculation:
What I suspect is still happening for many players is the purge spawns are occurring where the NPCs can’t find a path to the base and hence the code halts part way through the script and then eventually jumps to the end “purge ended” and despawn the NPCs.
Or they have found part of the base and attack it without doing enough damage to destroy anything but aren’t killed by anyone or any thrall/pet and then eventually the code skips to “purge ended”.
That players purge meters do not decrease after these short or failed purges could be that the script has not run through to the point that it executes a reconciliation of purge meter level and purge activity … eg adjusting purge meter occurs when attack wave number ? finishes … but as that never happens before the script jumps to “purge ended” then the purge meter never gets adjusted.

I base this speculation on what I witnessed with the first purge we experienced after the patch (our first purge since about July btw despite a full purge meter).
We got a wave of purge thralls spawn on one side of the river where they could not run across to our base. Some milled around on the land which is why we could see them. Others had run into the water and were swimming on the spot and were not able to attack us or return to land… but were able to shout threats at us … We had to shoot them to kill them. The next wave did not start until we had killed all the thralls in the water … then it started the third wave purge notification. Another wave also spawned in the same location and same issue … some ran into the water and couldn’t get out to attack us when we swam over to engage them… to trigger the next section of the script we had to kill all in the water that time as well.

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Before patch i had this happens to us 3 days in a row and ended up with NPCs spawning inside our base, even though 3 other sides of the base were on flat ground with normal walking path to them. The first 3 days had no warning / no npcs spawned but the event log showed entries started and ended a minute or two later. On the 4th day the actual purge occurred and we had a proper notice, 10 min preparation time, npcs spawned inside our base. After patch we had 2 purges and they all spawned correctly. No fake engages. Based on my experience, it seems that if the point picked by the purge is somewhat inaccessible, the purge ends automatically or spawns them inside your base.

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