New Purge Issue

PC Private Server with Mods, having an issue where the purges act like they are starting then 10 seconds later it says the purge has been defeated, but nothing spawned nor attacked, nor does the purge meter reset.

Issue been happening since live release.

Please help.

I play on other private modded serves and they do not have this issue, yet settings for purges are exactly the same.

Hi there,

Unfortunately, there is no way for me to tell where the issue is coming from as mods can produce unexpected issues. Do you know if this issue occurs without any mods installed on your client or the server that you join?

This is happening to many players on all types of servers, both with and without mods.
So mods are probably not the problem here.

Funcom is aware of the issue and the “Purge guy” is looking into it, according to Joel.

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Thank you for posting that! I hadn’t been made aware of that tweet yet :smile:

No problem at all.

Yeah I’d also like to chip in that over here on PS4, Official PvP server we’ve hit the max purge bar twice without seeing a single purge army. The first time, horns were blowing and it came up on screen that they were going to attack in 10 mins, so we waited, then it said they are attacking and so we went to the red cross on the map only to be met by nothing, so we checked all around our base, nothing for 10+ mins until it said we defeated them.

After that encounter we haven’t had a single warning or purge attack despite the bar going full. Definitely bugged.

Thank you very much!!

No problem. Lets hope this doesn’t take too long to fix, I miss the purges.

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